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Chi in head. Confusion.

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I'm a bit annoyed as I sometimes wake up cloudy headed. Usually 2 weeks into my celibacy this always happens. As I do breathing exercises I attempt to bring the chi to circulate it. I feel it go to the top of my head but sometimes I get dizzy like I want to fall and then I feel the expansion of the chi around  me.



When my chi is high and I have expanded around me I sometimes feel confused likewise, if I exhale and hold my breath on an exhale it's like an inward sucking. The problem with that is I noticed people tend to run into me a lot or follow me closely like driving down the road Etc. Very annoying.


I guess the goal is to have my chakras open my chi expanded but without the Spacey headed feeling.


Maybe I should quit caffeine as it feels like caffeine tends to block the crown chakra just an observation in other words caffeine tends to block the chakra and it seems that it is an energy hindrance


I know you guys think I'm crazy but if I'm driving down the road and I exhale and hold my breath I can affect the way people drive sometimes they will drive slower. Like if I'm in a store and I do the exhale and word sucking I can bring People's Energy towards me.


This usually leads to people kind of coming closer to my personal space running into me very annoying.



If I take a deep inhale hold my breath she Rises to the top of head expands insertive and outwardly explosion and I get lightheaded but also anybody that is around me might get annoyed suddenly and go away



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