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I always enjoy running across similar experiences in literature. Yet, there is always the difficult time analyzing the nature of it. Who wrote it? Is it legitimate? Etc. They could just be repeating things they have heard from others, or read somewhere, and so on.


I have what I call "recognition factor", where I will read something that describes my own experiences. Not the other way around. Like wishing for something to happen and then trying to accomplish it by practicing what you have read to achieve a goal.


That makes me think/wonder if particular talents are more common than we realize. If some people are really designed to be healers, others visionaries, others warriors, etc.


We could all be fighting our own nature by chasing after things that are unnatural to our own true nature. Some people spend a lifetime trying to levitate objects, when in fact, they could be a healer. In that respect, I do think that the truth shows itself, over and over. We may not even like the talent we have, and wish it would stop bothering us, since our desires and goals are different. That portion, being different than your talent, is the focus of this posting. Since the waking mind reading this is probably not fused together with that part of yourself that has the talent.


I find my talent frustrates my reason, and that is simply because my reason can't control my talents. We are separate, my dream personality and my waking. Not unlike identical twins stuck in the same body. My dream twin is more goofy and fun, not angry or serious (unless it is forced). I remember a dream where it dragged my reason on stage, naked, in front of an audience. My reason was struggling to focus. It felt like I had been drugged, I was so very tired and sleepy (like a dream, duh). Then my reason suddenly got its feet back and stood up tall, angry that they were making fun of it. The crowd stopping laughing and became silent. As it shook off the hold on the right and left arms, they all got up and scrambled to get out of the theater, reminding me of King Kong waking up in the movie and roaring at them. This part of me will need much more work before being fluid in the dream world, if it ever gets there. Which reminds me that certain practices are doing exactly that, reshaping the reason so it can function next to, together with, the dream me, or other me's that exist and don't share the heavy and serious nature of the physical animal me.


However, back to the point: Dreaming Together or Shared Dreams


My talent since I can remember, is to share dreams with others. I can't say whether I make the dream, the other person makes the dream, or if the dreams are there and we simply participate together. There is a certain amount of allowed freedom and manipulation of the flow and content of most dreams. What is most difficult for reason to accept, is the blind acceptance of the situation without questioning the sometimes whacky content, or the unreal things that are happening in the dream. The difference in the reactions, so how strange they feel, is also of importance. For example, there is no way in waking life that I would react to being punched in the face and knocked to the ground by hugging my attacker and stating that "I understand, it's ok."

As a matter of fact, while witnessing that, my reason was in the background screaming NO NO NO, this isn't possible. Which then rattled me back to being awake, the realm where reason can say, "well that was stupid."

The reality of the situation, however, was that a friend needed to release frustrations and figured if he could punch anyone that would be compassionate and understanding of his situation, it would be me. So while he was doing that, daydreaming it, I was there, experiencing his desire to find an outlet, living it. Shortly after that "vision" experience, he showed up and confirmed that he did feel better and thanked me for being his visual punching bag. Nobody will ever know if it was his energy and power that created that situation and dragged me in, or if it was my energy. Since I have repeated visions and dreams of this kind, and he does not, I must assume this is what I do... simply my thing in life. However annoying and disturbing it is, however dysfunctional and disruptive of my day... (reason complaining)...


I suppose there may be a certain amount of control involved. That control is sometimes the choice of who to dream with, and at times the content of the dream. There is no procedure to make that happen, no steps to take. If I remember the dream content, it has usually been the desire to dream with somebody that triggers a self-inflicted dream condition, and at times, responding to a request from another person. The person usually wants me there. So not intrusive or forced in most cases. The theme can jump wildly and get out of control very easily. Laughing is usually the best medicine.


While dreams are happening, I try not to question the content, or the actions. Laughing usually brings me back with total recall of what was happening, sometimes anger works also. A few have been somber and serious, usually the death notifications where somebody that has just passed away is telling me that is what happened. I imagine so I know. And again, proving that communication on this level is real. Since it happens, and I can easily confirm the fact after I wake up.

The dreams together where I am simply witnessing events are most often a glimpse into a future event, mostly these events will happen within a short time, the next day or within a few hours. I am there, witnessing the event, and it is usually something banal, useless knowledge, but very real and usually very frustrating to the person involved.

The most common dreams involve people I know well, close friends, family. Exceptions appear with people who are unstable or dangerous.

When voices are "heard" in dreams, they are the voices matching the person when awake, yet they are somehow tunnel or tube voices, as if they were talking in an empty room perhaps. It is not the same as sound heard with the ears, since when I am stuck between being awake and asleep, I have had stereo sounds, one from my ears, the other from the dream world. At that point the difference is very clear between this sound, and that sound. Here I can interject that I have also heard clearly what people are thinking, in their voice, and immediately open my eyes, wake up and tell them before they forget. This, by the way, makes people afraid to be around you, and they guard thoughts thinking it happens all the time and you can hear everything they are thinking. Which makes them uncomfortable, a huge invasion of "privacy".

Lying to me in person has also become a senseless practice, since your mind and body scream foul when you do that, and it is very obvious to me. That alone has ruined many relationships. I am not sure why people seem to need to lie so much, but they do. Harmless lies are harmless and mostly stretching truth for the sake of ego. Painful lies are painful, because if the truth were there, it is a problem of some kind, like cheating on the one you promised you wouldn't do that to. That, is simply awful, because it proves that your desire to have sex with another is more important than your promises, and you can never again be trusted... your priorities are all messed up. You not only give in to your carnal desires, you lie about them in order to have the best of both a serious relationship and a whore life. Pick one, live it, don't lie about it.

I used to sit at the airport cafe and "read' people as they walked by. The same thing in the bus. There is such variety out there.


Acting out from my sleep, I very often I drag my activities to the waking world, where if I am jumping or walking, I awake to doing that, tossing covers or kicking people in the process. At one point, I punched somebody in the throat defending myself. It turns out they deserved that, since they proved to be quite a monster asshole.


I have always been an avid fan of dimensional stability. So what is there (dream world) is there, and we don't "really" drag ourselves there. What is here stays here. So in my humble opinion, that twin is of course me. It might be a different version of me. But it doesn't come here, I don't go there. It exists constantly and non-stop there, as this me writing to you does here. The secret is simply a form of possession. My core, my awareness, is fluid. I am not the "here" person, or the "there" person. I am the fluid awareness that remembers both, interacts with both, experiences both. That part of myself has no real substance, no desires, no cares.


I gave the truth of future events some long thought, since seeing it, verifying it with other people in real life, and then it coming true is enough verification for me.

It didn't really change my view of reality as much as I thought it might. I kind of figured that we (reason) are an end result, and not as involved in the planning stage of existence as we might hope and think we are. I felt that there was a step before this one, where the director and the stage hands are deciding how things will unravel. So a glimpse behind the stage was exactly that, a busy place with things going on that still didn't make much sense to me.


I am happy that I was made aware of this. In the end, it gives me a moment in time to reflect on the purpose of today's scene. 

There are, of course, many kinds of dreams, with many different purposes. It is always just below the surface of this reality for me, a simple daydream drift at any time. It happens when I read, when I sit and think (you know the far far away deep thought), and when I fall asleep at night.

I assume this is what I am. This is what I do naturally. I have tried different practices to improve control, to be more aware, and they don't seem to help or hurt, where some of them simply put me back in dreamland where I have always been anyway. So I can't say this one or that one are better or worse practices, and I would be at a loss to help anyone else reach the same point, or to try and explain the "how to" to anyone, since I don't really know. It just is...


What is a problem, and always has been, is life doesn't agree with this form of mentality at all. The daily grind, choices we make, the life around just dragging us like a hurricane and forcing things to be taken apart or torn away. I would be at work, and people are fighting over some trivial crap, or trying to force company culture that I cannot agree with, simply being life Nazis. It is very draining, there is very little joy, people are petty tyrants and annoying.


So as life around me adjusts to the combined dreaming and waking worlds, these things become farther and farther from all interests I have. Sex is not important and never drives me. Laughter is important. Food is necessary, but there are no cravings. It allows me to select healthy options. Social interaction is not important, but sharing and helping is. Truth is important. Integrity. Being good to our world is important. It makes you bend over and pick up that trash 5 feet from the garbage can, and toss it where it belongs. Having material things is not important. Yet it would be nice to win the lottery and remove that part of the struggle. I enjoy warmth, comfort, but I am fine out in the cold and I don't worry. I don't fret. I don't get anxious. I don't get depressed. Yet I have very deep emotions that come like a wave. Deep feelings that animals even notice. When dealing with people and life, the primary is compassion and understanding with a pinch of distance and disconnection. I can jump in and stop your bleeding if you chop off a finger in the kitchen, without it bothering me, without panic. I can chop off the chicken's head, pluck feathers, and make it look like a store bought hen, without a thought to it being gross or difficult, or smelly, no thoughts really... except necessity of the moment and that chicken tastes great. I don't fear death. I tolerate pain and have no fantasy that my body is going to magically survive death, beat disease, or be impervious to attack. It is a bio-machine with an expiration date. I know a part of me doesn't have an expiration date, but I am not sure why I am sure of this.


The other me is laughing at me for being so serious. It knows that somebody is supposed to read this, and why... it is the only reason I am here I suppose... 



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Every year or two I'll roll up my sleeves and work at it, but I have little natural skill at dream work.  I did find an interesting youtube guided meditation on shared dreamwork.  Meet Me in Dream Lucid Exploration with Friends by Lilian Eden.  It had you discuss a place before hand, then listen, get inducted, suggested finally put to sleep where you'd head there to meet up. 


I tried it with a couple fellow bums, we had so so results.  Can't help feeling I was a weak link in the project due to poor dream recall.  But for others who want to take up the challenge of meeting up in Dream space, its as good a tool as any.

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