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Please remember that my ranting is simply ranting. I practice without a teacher. I do my own thing. I owe nobody silence. I share no power with anyone who loans it to students, and I would never surrender myself to that form of slavery, no matter what the rewards.


That being said, my experiences and my ramblings are mine. I read and compare notes between different belief systems, shamans, tao, christians, Celts, etc. I look to science to see what they miss, what might be hints and cross-connected. 


So in advance, if I am out of place for you, don't read it. If you have comments, keep them as your opinion or comments, and not some explosive attack, please. 


There is always much discussion concerning the ability to reach certain states of mind, connecting by stopping the dialogue, silence, internal silence, meditation mind, etc.

People concern themselves quite a bit with good and evil, ways of life, diets, health, drinking, smoking, emotional control, and thought control, trying to be "clean" enough to be in contact with and receive energy flows, etc. So just other forms of obsession. Other ways to waste energy. I do think that the waking mind does some of that on purpose, to block things, to maintain control, to protect from the dangers of crossing certain scary energy planes... many reasons.


From my own humble point of view, and having connected to the place between, the crack between the worlds, I can say for a fact that some things are stable and solid, waiting in one place. We (consciousness) are what moves towards it, or away from it. As we move towards the crack, we cloak ourselves with different clothing, different perception, a different way of feeling and thinking. While awake, we usually have a different cloak, heavy, worried, obsessed with drives, hunger, sex, pleasures. So there is no reason to worry or concern ourselves with what clothes we are wearing here, or there. It takes a lot of practices to drag your heavy burdens with you to that twilight mind. The more you live in that mind, the less important any of that becomes to you, naturally, and not in a forced manner.


We may pray, for example, asking for something to come to us, or ask for favors, yet what happens, when it happens, is that we move to reach that point. That point having been stable and waiting in the same spot as always. We reach out to it, and do not draw it to us, but instead, we move to connect to it. In frequency talk, if we try to force a frequency to become a lower frequency, it just changes to the lower frequency and loses what it was. We have to let the higher frequency be the higher frequency and not try to force it to be lower, leaving the lower behind. Just ideas to give you some perspective...


And, at that point, certain things lose importance. We forget about sex, about hunger, about pain. We can no longer judge if this is real or not real, it is simply happening, and we are suddenly a participating witness. I can see why it seems that, the more we live in that twilight mind, the less important many things become to us. It is no longer a struggle. It is not, I need a cigarette, but I will resist the urge. It is not, I am horny, but I will abstain and be celibate by forcing myself. That is simply using energy senselessly, or indulging yourself in controlling an urge, or indulgence in quitting. The true place where it no longer matters is between being awake, and asleep. I see that people can drag things from both directions. Dragging desires, issues, and bad habits from the waking state, but also dragging a sense of aloofness from the depths beyond normal waking consciousness. So being in this world, interacting with it, but not sucked into desires and material worry, because they don't have any place to resonate in this form of energy.


Letting go, drifting into that state, shifts time, shifts sound, shifts perception. We are no longer what we are when awake. 


People commit to practices, repeating them over and over, hoping that these will produce the correct connection to the higher mind and/or balance the energies, or give them some powers, or supply better health, etc.


An interesting point about repeating exercises, over and over, is that we begin to practice them in our mind, in our twilight, while "sleeping", or while meditating. This matches the stations of the cross exercises for Catholics, and many other forms of ritual, where the ritual or exercise is not really the point of that exercise. The point is, taking it with you to the place where these actions or exercises become very powerful. And only by repeating them can we coerce our twilight mind into repeating them, acting on them, and giving them enough importance. At that point we are exercising our other self, the only one with real power, the only one that survives death.


The body perishes, and has nothing to do with the ability to light paper on fire, move objects, or heal other people. 


Feel free to add, comment, share....


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