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1 hour ago, Aetherous said:

Nope, these are posers.

Yup nothing like an "elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators.." that anyone can join for free.  E-bait for the gullible, imo.


addon>Good saying for the modern age:

If you're getting it for free you are not the customer, you are the product.

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15 hours ago, Ocean Form said:

"Our Purpose

The protection and advancement of the human species"


They are doing a really bad job lol^^

Best laid plans go to hell. 


Is the human race doing so badly?  The last 50 years we've made huge strides against dire poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease.  Even on fronts such as war, there are no world wars now, while a few localized strifes are happening, there aren't nations fighting other nations, cities being destroyed, admittedly there are a few ongoing civil wars and cold wars happening. Few in the early 50's would have guessed the atomic bomb would never be used again or another WW wouldn't happen. 


There are equally large hurdles still existing.. we've improved dire poverty, but not regular poverty.  Every good move creates unintended consequences.. more prosperous people often means more environmental degradation.   We've got the tools, and right now the time to find the sweet spot. 


To me it doesn't mean a top 'brainiac' solution from above, but intelligent communal solutions from the below.  An intelligent blue print that can be followed that leads to a better life.  One that's flexible.  It'll take generations but I think people are smart enough to move to a communities that are built for the human being instead of the haphazard places we live in now.


Starting with blocks, communities, towns, cities, I'd like to see new efficiencies, new paradigms come online.  Not necessarily revolutionary but making things better, changing some systems, communal awareness to make things better for everyone. 


Maybe that means a new kind of internal peace corp. Say for school kids up to through college 2 hours a day, doing something that would better the community, maybe building or cleaning.  Kids should take over some janitorial jobs in there schools design, build and maintain garden areas.   For adults, something similar, if patriotism doesn't do it, then provide a tax break, but have communal goals listed, gradual improvements. 


As important as working together is celebrating together.  Community wide potlucks and celebrations, at least each month.   Times to get to know your neighbors and community and celebrate whats been accomplished. 

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