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Chi Tien Da Shen (The Monkey God)

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The Great Sage Equal to Heaven was once a Daoist Immortal. He somewhat got himself in trouble with the Heavenly Immortals and then through the compassion of Quan Yin was released from his prison and then was given the task of escorting a Buddhist monk to India to receive the true teachings of Buddha.

In the following film from 5.50 to 7.20 you will see my good self perform part of the Great Sages 'Cudgel' form. It is part of a set of three very long forms, which entail acrobatics etc etc. Now the interesting part of this is that these formsĀ containĀ the story of the Great Sage on his path to Buddha hood. We see at the beginning the Great Sage put down his bundle, sliding it off the end of the cudgel, we see him clearing the path for his monk master to keep walking the path. We see the Great Sage eat the peach of Immortality and so through these forms the story is told and the martial skills are passed on. I never finished learning the first form and regret it now. My life was so busy and I hadĀ so many other forms to practice that in the end I just had to concentrate on a few forms only.Ā Perhaps when I am fully retired I take up the cudgel again and if lucky beg the Great Sage to continue teaching me his cudgel form. Therefore I will realize and re-inact to the end, his journey to Buddha hood.



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