Sifu Steven Burton and Dim Mak

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Just sharing some nifty looking techniques by this English dim mak master, for defence and protection. 




Youtube homepage: Sifu Steven Burton

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15 hours ago, morning dew said:

That poor guy in the first video. :(

Eta: actually, the second one looks even worse lol.


That's the issue !    He goes trough one guy per video !    :D 


Note how he said the first guy had been " struck there a few times and is quite sensitive there now "  .  That's what happens with a ' demo partner' .   Hopefully, some enraged person in a street fight reacts the same way .


 ( Don't seem to work in MMA comp though . )


But regarding the 'poor guy'  ... been there done that ; went with instructor to another school to show their instructor some stuff ( at his request )  and my instructor is showing him all this stuff on me .   But then the other one would go ' Oh ! I see, we do it like this ....  "  and do that to me , and mine would go ' and we do this ... this ... and this ... followed with a take down and this ... " 

and the other would go " Interesting, I would do this ... and this   ..... "     and on and on  it went ... " :( 


( Don't worry  ....   I eventually ' got even '  with both of them   :)  )

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