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Historical Body Mechanics: Walk Medieval!

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This has been discussed in my Ancestral Movement group.  Prompted me to revisit my greatest inspiration coming from the all-around athletic (into their centenarian years) folks known for endurance walking/running better than anyone on Earth -- the Tarahumara.  Watched many videos stopping many times to check their footwork when they walk and run -- on all terrains.  (Theirs is primarily very rough.)  The only time they step on the forefoot is when they run uphill.  


Sapienti sat.


Also, my taiji teacher has always watched me like a hawk for proper stepping, and if I used the ball of the foot where I have to use the heel, or vice versa, he remembered for years after I'd corrected the mistake...  "oh, good," he would say, "you step on the heel now, remember you used to get confused?"  I wouldn't if he didn't remind me!  :mellow:  I'd just remember that once I got it, there's no point stepping wrong, your whole body feels it and gets it.  But reminders are a punishment for the crime.  We step on the forefoot (toe, ball) when moving backward or when stepping where we're not looking or where we're not sure what we're stepping onto (testing the dubious or treacherous ground before committing -- or in the dark.)  We land on the whole surface of the foot when jumping (another set of shameful reminders -- "remember you used to jump and I could hear you didn't land on the whole foot?  If you land on the ball or on the heel, I can hear this wimpy sound, no power, a jumping noodle..."  Picture Cersei Lannister on her shame walk.  Not anymore.) 


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