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Lucid dream

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Lucid dream is coming, but you can do the connection at waking state too after many types of progressions.


Pressure builds up, the stage is triggered in waking life(triggers sensual thoughts and here is i think we need actual celibacy otherwise we miss or jump off the train), and in dream state you become lucid and find a female being to enter and connect to. (i guess it is just a scenario of my clingings to the sensation i need experience) but still i think celibacy is needed and at minimum a million dollar point, it is for that you would not express the dark remains what runs in parallel with manual labor.


Different styles of 'lucid dream' comes,

lower organ and in head a point is opened in a semi real state what isn't like the normal lucid dream, you wake up from a dream but not fully woken up.


you just need the taste what lucid dream is, then need use that taste to find that state while awake.

(imho that is a crucial difference while speaking amongst lucid dreamers).

Later the sensation, by the way at first it seem cold and electrical but later it is not, therefore i think it is said "Lucid" the waking up in a dream is secondary importance, i think its just that you are in head area and there is awareness included and through center there you get sensation and will be transported to other world.


Celibacy and lucid are from a same track.


i have questioned and search people descriptions on what lucid dream is. And reached the conclusion that not everyone lucid dream is lucid dream same definition.

So to know what lucid dream is there is a sensation, definite characteristics. Not just waking up in a dream and living through a scenario there, i mean fundamentals and things you do before having a dream, what is noticed etc.

I have spoken to someone and i couldn't beat that person enough to get understood what is meant scenario details and what are the sensation or characteristics of a lucid dream. So that person talking about how long it lasted, what he did etc.


in short:


Lucid dream is for to stimulate the high-end of a sensual organ to get that sensation. In waking life you get activated beforehand, then need do celibacy in order to get a relevant dream.


Lucid dream is not the reference to dream where you are woken up, but it means you are in head region and need release to get down. The entire celibacy politics is that you wouldn't waste the opportunity to get a dream world sensation unlocked to waking life, that sensation goes through different place back up and the connection is done manually without dream then. And once the mastery is gotten you won't get a lucid dream sensation of the same sensation because you did the entire circle manually in one shot so you will skip that circle becase you mastered it.


Last time i had a microsecond long lucid dream(get the point? its not for to practice meditation there or live thousand years). The lucidity is a sensation itself, just a start for other types of happenings.

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