The Best Charities (Potentially)

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The goal of this thread is to locate great charities. Organizations worth donating to.


An important factor is how they manage their money, and what percentage of the donated money actually goes towards the cause, and not into people's pockets who are already well off. 


List of Charities:


Embracing the World - Amma's Indian Charity -


Mercy Corps - Helping with natural disaster, economic collapse, or conflict


Please comment below which charity you like and I will continually update the list.



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Not the highest rank as far as % going directly to charity, ie they do catalogs and mailings that dilute it but I like this form of charity based on 'teaching to fish' and giving pole, tackle etc.,  Thus I mention, where you give things like flock of chickens, goats, bees, rabbits, geese, oxen, cows to a needy family. 


I give a flock of chickens (+) monthly, and the right family hopefully gets eggs, manure, occasional meat and little chickens to live on, trade and share.  Probably not perfect, but I hope over the years, the gift multiplies in value. 



Equal to that is having a good heart, watching for opportunities from opening a door, smiling at a stranger, sharing some chocolates, giving a few bucks to someone in need.  Local volunteering.  Making lunch bags for the homeless.

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