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To lose everything: The final moment.

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I was walking towards the final stand of humanity. Allong my path I found a young boy who had lost all hope. About to give up. I kneeled next to his side, where he layed with his hands in the sand. Crying. I could see his hands seek grip in the sandy soil, but he could not find the support he sought to keep on going, not any longer.

Could this be my last moment, my last deed in life.  As life.

"Hey, you. Don't look to deep, you might be dissapointed to find life to be more shallow than you expect it to be. The truth is, only you can make it this shallow, and thus you did. And only you can increase its depth!" *looks at the high heavens, breaking, incoming fire exploding the very foundation of all heavens to bits and pieces.* "To be as far as the depth of all distance, from here to everywhere! From here, to everywhere... My friend.

Family. life. 
You forgot how to do that. As did I, friend... We even forgot how to remember our ability. It seems so far away, but it's all around us."

The boy looked at me and his surroundings.

I continued:

"It has allways been all around us. You're no longer who you're used to be, because you're no longer where you used to be... I wish we could go home. It's too far. None of us can make it back anymore. There is nothing left of it, because the distance has faded its timeline. Even if we could reach it... If... We need to be where we are not in order to remember how to get to where we have to be. Can you believe how far we are? How far away, from who we really are. Gone, even from memory. Even silenced in truth, faded into the eternal chaos founded in silence, the caller of the eternal storm. It has swallowed all that we have ever hold dear to. EVERYTHING!!!

...and now it is coming for us."

*The boy looks at the burning rage of the heavens*

I continue:

"Silence, is all that is left for us, our path, our truth. Can you see how this is your purpose now? You will find your greatest purpose in silence, allways. Not only the silence of mind, but the future of humanity will be focused in the real silence, in all places, in all times and all spaces and all spaces of all times and all spaces of all times. IN ALL OF EXISTANCE, FOR ETERNITY, EVEN AS WE JOIN ETERNITY AND BE SILENCED BY ITS VAST SEA OF CRUSHING AND EVERLASTING, UNENDING CHAOS!

Fear not young one. Even in the greatest depth of all storms there are those whose heartbeat still keep going on, it carves its way through the fire, burns stronger than fire, because the memory of we truely are cannot be broken.

Do you remember? Prior to the expansion and ascension of humanity, the memory was experienced. But a shimmer of our true past. SO GRAND. And you know it is past. It has been silenced. Thus, in silence we live. So that you may never forget the last memory of who you truely were and all that you are suppose to be. So that you may sleep! and dream of it again, and again! Hoping each time you get to live the dream, every single time STILL WAKING UP! and flee all of life and experience into the darkest depth of existance that you can find to experience the same silence which you know is the caller of all STORMS! Just to keep the dream alive! DONT CLOSE YOUR EYES ON ME! ...THIS is who you are! Look at the life of the soil which has supported you for all your life. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE!!!!! WE ALL CHOSE TO BE HERE! Because it's all gone. And you know it never had the chance to grow amongst the chaos of which it was made. Death comes to us all. Even the last memory you hold on to so dearly, and fight so hard to protect. But does that mean you have to give up?! NEVER. You know what to do. Travel far, and never stop. Drink while moving, eat while moving. But never stop fighting. CAUSE WE KNOW WE ARE GOING TO DIE! AND WE ARE NOT GOING DOWN SILENTLY!!!!! WHERE THERE IS NO SILENCE, WE WILL MAKE SILENCE!!! WE WILL SPREAD THE TRUTH OF WHO WE REALLY ARE! ... IT IS YOU WHO KEEPS THE DREAM ALIVE. Of who we used to be. Cause it's all going down. Under the sea. Swallowed by grief, far past.

As there has been this one memory, there have been countless of others that have gone before it. It does not matter if you fight or not. But if you will, you will feed the possibility that one day all memories will fight back, and perhapS we may all be swallowed by grief accompanied by the hope that those who come after may be unburdened by the silence. Take pride in this. And proud we are, on this planet, and those who are with pride do not go down silently! WE MAKE IT KNOWN WHO WE ARE!!!!

Stand up, For the sake of this one pride. Let this be your final statement. It WILL be magnified when we go straight towards our greatest challenge, fear. I promise you. Look up, where we are all headed. Meet your destination with pride, my son. You deserve as much. The fire of passion in our heart does not lie, IT DOES NOT DIE! IT BURNS WITH RAGE!! READY FOR THE FIRE THAT COMES FOR US! burning fiercely with rage. Fighting in deed and wish. They don't have to remember us. They can feel us. The fire that burns within, of fury, and outrage, for all that we have lost, in one small memory of all that we had! WE HAVE LOST EVERYTHING THAT HAS EVER MENT ANYTHING TO US!!! THEY TOOK EVERYTHING FROM US!!!! EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Stop looking for it and fight your last battle, it has been going on since before you were born. Wake up to the truth of all that you dont know and never will be allowed to know, never will be able to know. Cause they took everything from you, from me, from everyone you know! Don't fear the rain. It is all temporary. All storms pass, to make way for peace and harmony. AS WE ONCE USED TO BE, AS WE ONCE WERE, SO WILL BE THE LIFE OF ALL THOSE WHO COME AFTER. We cannot keep going on like this anymore. Not as life. We have to find a way, even if we cannot. To risk everything, means there is no choice. That is why you are here. That is why you are so far from who you really are. That is why you no longer remember who you truely are. You have sacrificed everything, even the ability to remember, cause you knew you had no choice. No choice but to find a way, where there is no way.

You are alone, but you're not alone. Many have reached the edge of this universe. Among the universe there are many like you, such as yourself. The animals are you. You are the same as all life, we are all but one life, as is family suppose to be, and we have all chosen a different path. And here you are, because it's now time to remember this. Because we all have to fight again. Together, as one planet. I'm sorry, we have no choice, there is no choice. We all knew we had no choice. The time of remembrance has to come for everyone. Even you. I'm sorry. I cannot stop this. I cannot stop anything. I am but a tiny part of all that we once were. As are you, son. You know you will join all of that, back, one day, back to who you truely are... And are suppose to be... NOW IS THE ONLY TIME THAT IT CAN HAPPEN!! MAKE YOUR FINAL STAND!!!! ALWAYS HOLD YOUR DESTINY IN SIGHT!! ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



*Rumbling waves of stone, fire and chaos.*

Even the black furred beast displayed their enormous strength that day.

Even the repitillian races raised their teeth towards the injustice of invading legions of fire, making the final stand for the soil of their planet and all those that had become one with it.

The dimensions tore. Demons, disoriented as they were, made their way into physical expressions. They carried the memories of those they have seen dying that day. The passion they fought with. The promise of everlasting purpose, to them. They sought out the physical beings in their physical plane ready to keep the dream alive of the promise of everlasting purpose, which they had been witness to.

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