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Huge cover-up in Venezeula: Abby Martin threatened

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I was in Venezuela in 1998 with a Venezuelan friend and we lived in a house together with other Venezuelans in the U.S.


I have a B.A. in International Relations.


This "report" from Abby Martin is an amazing expose on how U.S. imperialism works.


Sure the Chavez socialist movement was too dependent on oil and had corruption but also built over a million houses for the poor and lifted the poor out of poverty in Venezuela, through increased education and jobs.


Sure it's not perfect - but it is the elite of Latin America based on colonialist fascism that is propped up by U.S. military aid that is the real problem.


Abby Martin exposes how the supposed "human rights" nonprofits on the U.S. just support U.S. imperialism now. We saw this with Human Rights Watch refusing to allow the documentary expose on the U.S. coup overthrow attempt of the Chavez government.


Abby Martin does Empire Files - but I don't even see one for Venezuela - oh wait (edit)



So her Venezuelan reporting is very much "on the ground."


Here she does a podcast interview - but how many will listen?


This is AMAZING - the whole U.S. empire and Western media practice mass mind control.



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