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Bruce Qi


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downsizing my library


qi gong book bundle 1

cultivating stillness - eva wong

qigong for total wellness - dr baolin wu

opening the dragon gate- thomas cleary

workbook for spiritual devlepmonet- hua ching ni

rise and shine - pedram shojai

taoism- john blofeld

internal elixir cultivation - robert coons

resoring your life energy - waysun liao

pan gu mystical qigong - ou wen wei

the dao of meditation - jou tsung hwa

qigong empowerment- liang and wu

the complete book of shaolin - wong kiew kit


qigong bundle 2- kunlun


kunlun system


qigong bundle 3 - chaoyi fanhuan qigong bundle - master yap soon yeong

energy medicine in cfq healing

qigong healing meditation

dynamics of qigong

chaoyi fanhuan qigong healing





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