Looking for Teacher-Empowerment in Japan

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If one has opportunity to travel to Japan  in the near future for a very short time,  would you please suggest some ways to find a teacher or to obtain empowerment (in Buddhism and/or Taoism)  in these cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Nagoya?


Thanks so much!


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I doubt that you will easily find Daoist instruction in Japan, but there are plenty of temples that offer Buddhist activities for visitors. As I didn't spend much time in Tokyo and Nagoya, I will limit my suggestions to the Kansai area, mostly to Kyoto.


First off, near Kyoto train station, there is (hard to overlook!) the Kyoto Tower, in which you will find the Kansai Tourist Information Center. The staff there is well equipped to provide you with information about training opportunities in all cultural traditions (such as Zazen) in Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara.


During my one-year stay in Kyoto back in 1989/90, Sosenji Temple was offering lectures and meditation in the Soto style of Zen Buddhism, but this seems to no longer be the case. A web search did not indicate it, anyway.


However,  it turned up Jyoren-in Temple, Kennin-ji Temple, Myoshin-ji Zazen hall, Nanzen-ji Temple, Manpuku-ji Temple, Shintoku-ji Temple, and Shokoku-ji Temple as places in Kyoto where you can join Zen meditation sessions. Check out the other ones on that website too, if you are interested in Buddhist chanting or meditative Sutra copying.


The most interesting option in the area however might be Kyoto's International Zen Centre , where you can spend several days with the monks at a reasonable price. It represents the Rinzai style of Zen Buddhism.


Hope this helps. I would be interested in hearing later where you ended up going, eventually. Consider sharing your Japan experiences - I am sure that many on this website would love to hear about them.


Best wishes,


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