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This is the syllabus of an advanced program for the Taoist Path to Extrasensory Projection by The Tao Applied (Sifu Eric Randolph's school). In the words of Sifu: "If you are accepted, you get to learn how to use skills include but are not limited to telepathy, clairvoyance, superhuman strength, and immortality."
Pinned to the top here will be Sifu Eric's syllabus. I am creating this as inspired by the Flying Phoenix thread started by a student of the system 8 years ago, who turned it into a great community where Sifu Terry Dunn interacts directly with his students. Sifu Eric and I hope that this will grow into a good community with lively and happy engagement for everyone. 
Sifu's normal classes outside of this are here at http://taoofwellbeing.weebly.com
Year 1
Extra Sensory Basics 101:Chi Balls 
Class 1A: Manifesting Chi 
1B: Moving Chi from sitting to standing to moving fluidly
Golden Flower Class 
1A: Obtaining Stillness 
1B: The Three Levels of Extra-Sensory Physical Sight
2A: Of Light and Shadow Sight 
Sitting, Standing, Moving Fluidly
2B: Auric Sight 
Sitting, Standing, Moving Fluidly
2C: Astral Sight
Sitting, Standing, Moving Fluidly
Astro Logic:
Understanding Planetary Functions and Stellar Phenomena
Understanding the Planetary Matrix:
The Study of Seasons
Understanding the Breath:
This class focuses on different methods of breathing and the phenomena that the differences physiologically create.
Year 2
Qigong: The Understanding of How to Flow 
How to Move the Chi 
1A: The Elements 
Basic Elements
Earth: Grounded
Air: Movement
Fire: Action and Non-Action (Wei and Wu-Wei)
Water: Connection Flow
Advanced Elements
Earth, Wood, Gold, Diamond 
Fire, Hearth, and Engulfing 
Air, Moving Within and Moving Around
Water, Solid to Liquid to Gas and Reverse
Year 3
Healing the Self, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically
The Body: A Trinity of Symbiotic Wisdom
Healing through Sight, Touch, Sound, Taste, Thought, and Emotion 
Elemental Healing 
Earth Air Fire Water: Through the 7 senses
Year 4
Advanced Healing 
Wave Physics and Fluid Dynamics for Moving Large Objects 
The Art of Immortality
Astral Travel 
Planetary travel 
Time and Space Travel
Year 5
The Skill of Immortality and Research
Edited by Earl Grey
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