My first experience with ALD-52

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So I took ALD-52 for the first time last night. It's supposed to be like LSD. I took two blotters, 200MCG.

Age: 18

Disorders: Autism

Previous experiences: Mugwort


I found a website where you can buy research chemicals with regular dollars. Causingcolor.com. I ordered five blotters of ALD-52. They came in the mail a few weeks later. 

While they were coming, I told my therapist about my order. She said she would have to tell my Dad about it if I was planning on taking it. So I told he that I was not. I lied.

I told two of my closest friends about my possession, and they told the principal at my school. The principal pulled me into his office and asked me about it. I told him that it was just a joke.

Knowing the danger that lied ahead of my therapist finding out and telling my Dad and my Dad taking the drugs away from me, I decided to take two tabs that night.

So I took a hot shower, had some chamomile tea, and took the tabs at 10PM.

For the first 45 minutes, I felt lightheaded. I felt very dizzy. Then I began to feel off balance. Sensations began reverberating through my body. An hour and a half in, my sense of self disappeared and I began shifting into and out of reality. Two hours in, I was really getting hit hard. I could barely function. I could barely walk. It was fun in some sense but it just felt weird. I lost my sense of what is real and what is not real. Three hours in, I realized that everything I thought I was has been incorrect. I am pure awareness.

Everything was neon. colors were changing. My sense of time became shaky. I had that thing where when things move I saw their trail. The trip lasted until about six, then it faded away.


Was it worth it? Do I recommend the experience? It's up to you. I think that if I had taken more I would have maybe had a better trip. I think that my autism was a hindrance. 


Feel free to comment on your own experiences.

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Thankyou for sharing your experiences.

Never had ald-52,nor had any LSD.


There are two experiences I will share,as a student whilst having a coffee at work,(psych ward).

A fellow workmate had his lunch box open on the desk,displaying four home cooked biscuits as I walked in with coffee.

Anyways upon seeing the biscuits,temptation had me quickly hide one of the biscuits in my mouth as I sipped coffee.

As I was swallowing the workmate returned and there was a tone of frantic,"did you take one of bicckies"


"They are dope cookies"

"Oh,what do you mean,dope cookies?"

Well nothing happened for about an hour,then it hit me,and was still at work,thankfully someone put on a video.

So I sat,watched,stared,no talking,the movie was Brazil,strange mix of real life and animation.

Every time the movie changed to animation,I was wondering if everyone else was seeing the same thing.

By the hometime about eight hours later,I had straitened out,but was real tired,like meditating all day.


Another episode,was a medical trip.

After having tonsils out aged 20,went to visit friends in a remote country town.

Three days after tonsillectomy,fresh blood started to pour out of recent surgery.

Blood,spitting into a ice cream container,when it was half full of blood,decided to visit local hospital.

The hospital was close by to where we were staying,about 300 yards.

So about 3 am,visit hospital,dr says,nothing much can be done at this time of night.

"I'll just give you something to help you sleep.You staying nearby so just go straight home after your injection."says the doc,

Well he gave me pethadine injection,first time for everything,had it about three time over the years.

So off I go," straight home" was my goal.

Totally wasted after about 50 yards of a 300 yard walk.

Time was suspended,I did make it home after what seemed a long time,kept spitting blood into ice cream container.

Next day went back to hospital for cauterisation,anaesthetic,discharged next day.

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