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Translations of Yogacarabhumi-sastra commentary by Nan Huai Jin

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Dear all,


I am doing some English translations of the Yogacarabhumi-sastra commentary by Nan Huai Jin over on and thought some of you might like it.


My translations are not completely accurate as I am amateur (please forgive me) and the pace of the translations might be slow, but I thought you might like it, since there is a huge lack of english translations for the entire Yogacara sastra which is said to be taught by Maitreya Bodhisattva (the coming Buddha) himself, written down by Asanga Bodhisattva.


If you also know mandarin and technical Buddhist words, I would love it if you could have a proof-read as well. Thank you.


With metta.


PS. A side note, I opened a channel over at Youtube for NHJ's video translations.

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