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Nothing into Something resolved with Something into Nothing

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In the image above with the Tetraktys we are seeing intervals and ratios in the upper right corner; 1:2, 2:3, and 3:4. For example… 1:2 is representative of a complete octave.

The Tetraktys (or Yod-He-Vauv-He is the representation of a base 10 number system. The Enneagram moves as 9/7=1.285714285714286.
The “Yod” of the Tetraktys is 10. 
The cuboctahedron sitting inside the Tetraktys (title image) shows us that there are octaves within octaves, fractals within fractals. The Enneagram does begin with “Do,” and progresses through "Re" to "Mi" to "Fa" to "Sol" to "La" to "Ti" and back again to "Do" - but zero, is the first… and then you have 3,6,9, as well for Do. Why does 9/7 reconcile with 6 as its last decimal place?
9 is a unique number, in that it acts as a “mirror.” If we simply take the “Yod” (gematria value 10), we have our base 10 number system. When we Kabbalistically reduce numbers of the next octave, beginning with 10… 10 becomes 1, and 11 reduces to 2. 10 becomes as 1+0=1. 11 becomes as 1+1=2, and so on. 20 would become 2, and 21 would reduce to 3.




In our diagram above, we have two triangles flanked by multiples of 9, this is our “Yod,” as we have stated previously. We are left with two mirror images of 90 and 9 (or 09). Hebrew “Tet” or the Gematria value of 9 is shown in our middle Tetrakys, given the value of 45. When we turn our Tetraktys valued at 72, so that the “Yod’s” are at the bottom, we have 40; and either the left or right side will equal 26. Compare our Tetraktys to our pentagrams in the image above.
Returning back to our mid-point of 6 between one octave and the beginning of another, we see our number circle with pairings equivalent to 11; 6+5, 7+4, 1+10, etc… 11×5=55, and when Kabbalistically reduced, we are left with our “Yod” again, or 10. Our Yod, just like our “Tet” (9), is also a mirror, but one side of the mirror is reflective of the concept of “nothing,” while the other is “something.” This is our Ayin-Soph-Aur; we first have nothing, and then it is defined. We then have something, once we have defined it, then we have the infinite and Holy Eternal Absolute from Absolute nothingness.
All is One,
One is none,
And none is All.
-Tony Victory




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