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Baby humans

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Aren't they lovely?


I was walking down the supermarket aisle and saw this little thing sitting on the trolley. Gave him a rub under his chin and he/she was surprised for me doimg that but quickly gave me a smile and tried to communicate with me using the baby language. The mother wasn't bothered by my action and then I waved goodbye at them. The baby said see you later in its own way and the mother smiled.


Now on the other hand try to touch an adult to cheer them up or just to say hello, touching as in rubbing their shoulders kindly while comforting them and ask if they had a good day. Maybe the reaction won't be that positive. In any case there is a little baby buried beneath that surface of thoughts and worries!


We should have a Baby Day and celebrate humanity as a joyful and happy community! Maybe then this world of ours would soften itself a little bit.


We all come to this world like this little thing:


Don't forget to smile even as adults, all the time non-stop, that will softens our Hearts.


With Love.



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