Looking for a specific logic/trick question video on Youtube

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I'll just ask here because asking anywhere will have the same chance of success...


I once (couple of years ago?) watched a video on Youtube where they asked random people on the street a logic question that was in theory ridiculously simply to answer, yet depending on how your mind works you might block yourself from seeing the simple answer by overcomplicating it in your mind.


I wish I had saved a bookmark for it or the video, but it seems I didn't. That question was so entertaining that I wish I remembered where to find it or what the question was.


Any logic buffs here? Anyone who has an idea which one I could be referring to or how to search for it? Anyone knowing anyone? Haha.

This has been bugging me for so long, which is kinda ironic considering I personally didn't have a problem answering the trick question correctly after thinking about it for a minute.


It was really that good. I tried it on someone and over time pretty much helped them giving clues 99% towards the answer and it only made it harder for them.

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