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Switch on, switch off

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Boom! It's just automatic. The wind of karma will take the sentient being where it belongs to:


1. A murderer, a criminal, a career-minded individual who spent a whole life cheating others and becoming very wealthy in the process, a pornographic film producer, etc. to one of the hell planes for an effective purge of their spirit-consciousness. It's the heaviness of their lack of morals what sinks them down so deep in the astral planes grading system.

2. A good person who spent most of their lives doing good deeds to one of the heaven realms to enjoy an existence of unmatched and sublime bliss. It's the goodness of their actions what raises their spirit to the higher realms of existence.

3. Everyone else, back to human if you are more evolved and your degree of karma is evenly distributed, to animal form if your desires are based on a survival mode (eat, drink, sleep, fornicate and work), to ghost if you have lots of unresolved emotional issues, died in an accident or commited suicide.

4. Ascetics, monks, hermits, serious spiritual seekers and the like, to one of the four enlightened categories according to the level of spiritual attainment. We all hope to fall into this last group. :)


The interesting fact is that it's all like a dream, the process is so quick that all memories of the lifetime that is left behind are wiped clean except for your karmic deeds and what is lingering deep in your consciousness: switch on, switch turning the lights on and off. Very quick. We all move on to the next level.


So what is the purpose of clinging to anything, including your own life or the futile pursuit of enlightenment?




It isn't as easy as it seems as beautifully depicted by the Zen artist Ogata Gekko (Monkey Reaching for the Moon):


The monkey is reaching

For the moon in the water.

Until death overtakes him

He’ll never give up.

If he’d let go the branch and

Disappear in the deep pool,

The whole world would shine

With dazzling pureness.

(Hakuin Ekaku)



Happy practice to all. :)

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