Perineum Power

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9 hours ago, yugenphoenix said:

anal.jpgTry this on for size folks! That bit with the sacrum movement on exhale was simple and key to my feeling the energy finally flow up spine. Thanks Dr Lin, his site is a disaster to read but found this nugget buried. I’ll keep digging there, but really turned off by the presentation . Much love friends. 



 For myself this works when having sex, it feels like I get the woman yin sex energy flowing up my spine

It also works while doing the orbit, after cultivating enough good balanced chi in the LDT,

or simply using yin testicular breathing energy in solo practice but in that case the energy flows very easely no need to contract tailbone (at least for myself)


!!! don't use pure yang sexual energy up the spine.


!!! be careful not to do it violently or in a stress full way, you do not want to trigger flight or fight and screw your kidneys in fear.



I bought Dr Lin's CDrom, cool stuff by the way


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