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Hi everybody!


I'm so glad I've found TaoBums, it seems for me it was my destiny to find this site at this time in my life... I keep being baffled about finding out that still so many things about my life are "unresolved", and when I thought 1/2 a year ago that I had become an adult now at 25, there are still layers peeling away and I feel there is immense growth yet ahead of me.


I've done Yang Taijiquan (Erle Montaigue "flavour") for 6 years now, also do some Combat Conditioning and Qigong. Hoping to start doing Six Healing Sounds and Secret Smile, hopefully along with Kunlun very soon!


As I said, 25 years old, male, live in Norway.


Thanks again for letting me join, hope to grow together with you guys! :)

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