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TCM self diagnosis ranting

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I've been having depression like symptoms for most of my life and working life has made things worse with anxiety creeping in as well. I went to see an acupuncturist for some time and that was the only thing that has really helped me but my finances kept me from continuing the treatment as it had me gather lots of debt.


I have now on sick leave and has decided not to ever go back to the work I have been doing because it is so detrimental to my health. It kinda feels like it is in conflict with something deep in my soul and that is what manifests all the bad things in my life.


So I'm looking around for a way to earn a living without ending up in the same trap again. Its kinda hard because I've been supressing myself for so long I really don't know what would make me happy(and at the same time make me a living).


Online tests say I should become an architect because of my analytical and creative sides. And though I find it tempting I am unsure of how it would be as a working environment. Recently I've been playing with the idea of becoming an acupuncturist.


The last few days I've been reading a little bit about TCM principles and as an exercise I've been trying to "diagnose" my own condition. At first I thought it was a Liver-Spleen thing going on (and there probably is) as my temper is very unstable and it takes NOTHING to trigger a self destructive anger bout. BUT doing some searching on issues that I didn't really consider first time around I think maybe there is a Kidney Yin deficiency causing heat symptoms. The main issue that has me making this conclusion is the fact that the worse my condition gets, the more sexual I get. This, and the fact that my initial "diagnosis" indicated Yin deficiency all over the place had me thinking that this might be the "core issue" here.


Does anyone have any thoughs on this?

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You don't sleep with your head to the north, by any chance, do you? Rats are found to be under more stress when they sleep with their head to the north, and people report higher anxiety levels in pilot studies.

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I actually do... And the bedroom and the bathroom also have a less then ideal orientation in relationship to eachother according to something I read recently (maybe in here).


I remember reading about what directions would be beneficial to me some time ago but never implemented any of them. Seemed to be too much fuss and my directions and my girlfriends directions were in conflict. But now there is a move coming up so maybe its time to look into it some more.


I decided to try this herbal tea today. I wasn't expecting much as it is one of those "cure all" formulas and I find that too good to be true. They call it "Chinese balance tea".

Its contents is:

- Garcinia cambogia,

- Arctium lappa(NIU BANG ZI),

- Taraxacum mongolicum (PU GONG YING),

- Cynara scolymus L,

- Filipendula ulmaria,

- Rosmarinus officinalis(Mi tieh hsiang),

- Dioscorea villosa (Shan yao),

- Betula pubescens (birch leaves),

- Urtica dioica, Glycyrrhiza uralensis (GAN CAO),

- Colae semen,

- Foeniculum vulgare (XIAO HUI XIANG),

- Foeniculum vulgare(XIAO HUI XIANG),

- Pimpinella anisum (Huai-hsiang),

- Dana roti,

- Viola Tricolor,

- Fucus vesiculosus,

- Smilax regelii,

- Angelica sinensis (tang kuei)


+they put alot of vibrational essences in there as well but translating those as well is not very tempting now, I should be in bed several hours ago.


The point I was meaning to come to eventually was that it actually seems this remedy has done wonders from the very first dosage. I didn't expect this at all. I thougt that if I was to notice a difference it would at least take some time to do so.


Can this remedy have anything to it or is it just a "feel good" effect that may actually worsen the underlying syndromes?

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If you like email me a pic of your tongue, but make sure you havent brushed it. Also if your willing send me a pic of your face and of your body front view and side view in your natural standing position (clothes on but not to loose clothing :D ) Also one of your palms would be good too. Your age?


We can start from there.





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The times in my life that I've slept with my head to the north have definitely been anxious and negative ones for me.


I like to think that just mixing with the energy of taobums, in itself, will bring new ideas to life. Good luck. Sounds like a great offer from vitagong!


If you are going to move, here's Vaastu theory:


sleep head pointing south

be a neat freak

is good for dwelling to be w/in 15 degrees orientation to true north

good to have a level lot or even better to slope down to the north, east, or northeast.

No toilets that you have to use on a regular basis in the NE section of the unit or house.

No water/swimming pools/ponds to the west, SW, south or SE, but a plus to have them N,NE,E

As few trees and obstructions towards the NE and E as possible

arrange furniture so that the SW of the room is highest and heaviest and NE is as empty as possible.

Putting a photo of a divine soul high in the SW of the home or office.


If none of that's possible, then just focus on having a groovy practice life and avoid the north sleeping thing. I had a very bright spiritual teacher advocate sleeping with the heading pointing north... since then, he's been reduced to a pitiful state. Perhaps coincidence, but I believe his north thing did him no favors.

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I sent you a pm with the pics, correction i sent you one and will send you one more as I forgot one! Don't know about the natural standing position though, wrong end of the lens for me to feel natural. ;) I would usually cross my arms in front of my chest or stuff them in some pockets and look all over the place except from in the direction of whomever I'm having a conversation with.



Fascinating stuff indeed! Vaastu is like Indian Feng Shui? Do you know if they correlate? Always wanted to learn a bit about Feng Shui. If I were to follow the architect path I most definately would want to incorporate it in my designs. But as in many other fields I read WAY too much at once and forgets all about it in a day or two instead of actually learning one thing before moving on.


From the rules you list I get the sensation that in this theory there are fields we want to expose ourselves to that is heading in an approximately NE->SW (or N->S) direction. And that we want this field to move in a foot to crown or front to back direction through our bodies.


Am I onto something there or am I judging an author by the cover of a single book here(wich is something I could very well do come to think of it)?

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Slight update

I've been putting my pillow at the footend of my bed and slept the other way around for two nights now and the difference is HUGE! Feels like when I'm heading north I get energized which is not a good thing for sleeping. Lying the other way around there is a more harmonic feeling.


My girlfriend notices this also, she's never sleeping heading north again she said. I didn't mention how I felt about the change until she brought it up herself so its not like I put the idea in her head or anything. She wasn't very open to the idea of it beforehand but now its a fact in her eyes and mine also!


Great tip Yoda! The simple things can really make a big difference sometimes..

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I'm glad you tried it! It really just takes a night or two as you said. E and W aren't as momentous either way, but when I had switched from sleeping pointing north to pointing east before learning of Vaastu, it really helped me out tremendously. Even, as you said, just sleep with the head at the foot of the bed is fine.


In another 5 years there should be better research done on the subject.


The two things in Vaastu are: the N/S magnetic field and the rising and setting of the sun. Those have different imprints on our brain functioning. They say if you sleep with your head to the north, too much energy goes up to and out of the head. If you sleep with the head to the south, the energy stays lower in the body and you don't get dissipated either... something like that.


As far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with Feng Sui and often conflicts in its advice, I'm afraid. I'd be happy to experiment with both systems, but I can't for the life of me understand the FS system while Vaastu is simple, so I sort of took that as a sign to just experiment with Vaastu. My house is just 'okay' from a Vaastu perspective, but my last place was really bad. Again, though, I think the big thing is the sleeping position. If you are interested in learning more, I've read many books on the subject and "Victory through Vaastu" on is by far the best I've found so far to explain everything. "The Way of Vastu" is by the guy who Bill Gates hired to design Microsoft and is also an excellent book, but it just focuses on Vastu remedies and doesn't really get into what Vastu is in the first place. It has been a fun game for me to incorporate one suggestion at a time and see what it does in my life. I'm very fond of it.


Imo, you could take a million antianxiety remedies, practices, and healings but you can't win until you ditch the sleeping north thing. Kids who have anxiety problems, bed wetting, etc do well with reorienting themselves.


Now I always have a keychain compass with me when I travel so I make sure I don't sleep with my head pointing north... life is too short to have a bad night's rest! :)


Your pal,


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Honestly TCM in the form of preparing food for every day eating, is a supplement for the problems you dealing with. IDK how to go about fixing your problems. But through TCM you will learn what your problem is and you go to people that know about this stuff they can definitely help you easily enough.


It shouldn't be to hard to find out what problems you have. Depending on how bad your problems are internally but the better way to look at it is if you have a lot of problems internally, you can't really do much make it worse, food wise at least. the less problems you have the easier it is to find the main problem your suffering from. If you really desire i will post some stuff I have read in books about TCM if your interested. But i'm no expert nor a master, so honestly i will be looking at the book to make sure that i'm exactly not making any mistakes from what i'm saying when i'm typing it on this forum. (IMHO the book doesn't go into much detail about TCM and how it is fully incorporated into food)


You just gotta send me a PM or say on this forum you would like the TCM information on how it pertains to food.

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