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Yes... taiji... Little things I encounter -- here or elsewhere -- keep nudging me towards getting back to taiji. This is certainly one. I've been waiting for a beginner's class with my old teacher (as it's been 13 years!) and hopefully the new year will be a good starting point.


As to your question.. I've not really thought about my fascia much till now. Most of my movement practice in the last 13 years since drifting away from taiji has been weightlifting and the odd bit of rock climbing and running, so the notion of fascia being an integral part of lifting weights and holding things together under high stress certainly struck me, as did the dismissal of the traditional lever model of bones & muscles; the article certainly makes sense. And I think my 'tensegrity' is decent.


But (as you might have noticed in my stretching topic) I have been quite inflexible for many years and am wondering if decreased fascial flexibility is playing as much a part in my slow mobility improvement as decreased muscular flexibility. So yes, this could be an argument for taiji and acupuncture, I think.


edit: Nope, only just hearing about Rolfing. A little sceptical as far as gravity being the primary factor...but the notion of fascial restructuring/massaging/etc sounds well enough

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