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hi everyone,


i am very inspired lately to practice longer periods of qi gong and taoist meditation daily.

i was very inspired by the amount of time that some people spend practicing here in that forum.

since i met lots of masters and teachers in my life so far i thought it is maybe not the solution right now to start something "new" but deepen the "old". instead of listening to all kinds of views deepening my own.

which doesnt mean that one day i will go back to a teacher again.

i stumpled upon a book called "tranquil sitting". basically it is about embryonic breathing and focussing on the lower dantian.

so instead of 1 hour a day i started 2 to 5 hours a day. since my job allows me to do that and my girlfriend right now lives far away i had good basic ground for starting that kind of intense practice. maybe i do not need to do this forever but right now it feels right and i do not have to push me much to do it. it comes almost naturally.


i started about 2 weeks ago. i have to say that just focussing on the lower dantian inspires me so much!

it is not that i do not practice my "normal qi gong" but this simply exercice brought me so much benefit!!!

it has such a balancing effect. since i am also practicing a lot of mixed martial arts my back is kind of weak because of all the grappling. after 1 week of practicing the dantian meditation i had a strong heat coming into the spine and for a couple of days the pain was completely gone.


i had lots of good signs lately doing that meditation. i know it for years but now i discover it new.

i am so happy and thankful to have been inspired by people in this forum to take that step so i wanted to just share my gratitude and happiness.


some things are so easy and yet so powerful. i am curious like a little child what will come next on this path. i keep notes in a book every day (meditation time, experiences and so on) and since i have to drive a lot every day i just continue the exercice while i am driving (i do not recommend this to anyone, i can handle it very good but dont do that unless you are sure you can focus good on the street, too).


that is all i wanted to say. i will go away for a while soon and deepen what has been started. i dont know if i will be able much to discuss what i wrote and if i think about it maybe i also do not want to discuss it. i think that it is not about WHAT i practice but the fact that i do it more intense and in depth than before.

i think that most secrets are so obvious we may not see their depth. i learned many forms but again here i am beginning new and knowing i didnt know much and i still dont. i will for a while stop to run for masters and teachers. i thank them with all my heart and when the time is right i will see one again.


i just want to share it heart to heart with the people who get inspired back.





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