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Hey, someone is probing my mind..hahahaha...

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I am going to write my dream journal here..just for the record keeping.  It happened this morning.  I had this dream.


It began with me finding myself sleeping on a double bunked bed.  I woke up and to realize that there was a stranger sleeping with me.  It turned out to be a naked man.  I am not gay but not short of having dreams involving gay individuals.  Nothing sexual.  Once I woke up, while in the dream, I felt that I was sleeping in a public facility like a shelter.  I realized that this was the place for all kinds of people and strangers to stay overnight and to sleep in.  It was a bit disturbing because I went to bed in my own bed and in my home and waking up, in the dream, in a public facility with all sorts of strangers.


The location reminded me of my apartment as a kid.  In the dream, I felt that I have no belongings...except my camera bag.  It was like I lost all of my possessions except my camera bag.  This may mean that the only material things I am still clinging onto are my camera equipment.  Anyway, in the dream, I jumped to the floor and immediately was greeted by a Caucasian lady.  Out of nowhere, she told me that she saw darkness in me.  I then asked what did she mean by that....if my darkness came from my own mind or being generated by the  surrounding.  I found her assessment was a bit odd to say that I was dwelling in darkness and yet I could ask discriminating questions about the nature of this darkness.  I told her I have the ability to read people's emotions and to assimilate their perspectives as my own.


 Now, she was starring at me very intensely.  Here, I realized she was trying to read my mind.  I looked at her with a smirk and began to evoke my dark energy generated from my entire life experiences.  It was my attempt to scare her with my life.  At this point, her expression was nothing by frights.  Like someone shouldn't be piercing into the soul of another because the truths could be too overwhelming for the individuals.


Now, I began to ask her what did she see in my mind.  She didn't answer but attempt to runaway.  Here, her figure began to fade..fading out like about to disappear. 


Now, I saw a black lady here and she was telling me that the nature of this facility was a public place.  And my mind was originally deceived in thinking that it was my home.  After she finished talking, I noticed that my camera bag was stolen.  I went inside to another room, reminded me of my parent's bedroom.  I saw two individuals going through my bag.  I tried to stop them but my 2 cameras were stolen or missing.  And these individuals didn't have the cameras on them.  However, I noticed that I still had my wallet  and money inside too.  


I walked back out and saw this lady again and asked her if this was what she meant about seeing darkness in me...that having my cameras stolen.  Now, she was getting agitated and telling me to stop asking her all these questions because it was making her to do too much work.  LOL LOL....She then proceeded to read my mind now with very huge efforts...and her words became incoherent...something about a King....about abuse of power...and something else.  She was completely overwhelmed and she was trying to prevent herself from telling me what she saw.  She saw something in my future but could barely contain her emotions. 


I woke up feeling refreshed and feeling a deep sense of understanding.  Sometimes, these morning dreams are like that for me.  They become so lucid you feel cleansed.


Was someone probing my mind?  For one thing, Spirit Guides or Sambhogakaya beings do not feel exhausted or agitated when asked about what they see in your own mind.  They generally don't have problems revealing certain truths to you.  Second, rather than pointing out what is wrong with you, they generally guide you with instructions in order for you to overcome certain issues you have.  This white lady was like trying to create fears in me.  Instead, she saw her own mirror...her own fears.  


And this place I was in.....first my mind was drifted to it because it reminded me of my old apartment as a kid.  Then, a black lady telling me it wasn't real, this place was actually a public facility designed for people to sleep in.  And they searched my camera bag but they didn't find any cameras in it.  I get the feeling that someone was looking for something in my mind.  It turned out my mind is pretty simple.  


I couldn't help but to wonder if the NSA or the CIA is using some psychics to read my mind and to unearth some secrets.  :)  Hate to disappoint them but my life has no secrets.  No, I don't work for the Russian govt or the Chinese govt despite that I frequently made many correct assessments about the war in Syria, in Ukraine, and recently about president Duterte turning his back on become an ally with China.    

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