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Found this amazing interview yesterday, the wise words of a lao-tzu (old master).


Hope it gives you as much peace as it gave me.



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I like 15:27 the best so far.


interesting video-interview



ok so just being present! and not in the absence of God...


no wonder I am at peace at work at times--when I am not pressured by thinking of lifes stressors, worrying about finishing on time, etc...etc...when I can be present at work....it is peaceful


I certainly do not have 75 years of presence....and I am real hooked into shenpa...as pema would say....


really enjoy the video so far! look forward to watching both over the weekend


loved the church bell recognition as he spoke about this very present moment...

( I bet they planned that) :-]

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Hi sagebrush!


Good that you are enjoying John Butler's message. There's so much in it that seems coming out directly from the dao de jing that I felt the need to post it here in the dao bums forum.


It's giving me hope in difficult times of shenpa - as now I've learned with you, thanks : ) 


Would like to achieve those peaceful moments during work hours more as you do...but rarely. Get "here and now" mostly when I have time to dedicate to practice.


Sound of bells... humans will be humans and bells, bells... as my zen master didn't use to say...

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well. just finished part 1.


profoundly beautiful. I love his eloquent sincere delivery. enjoyed his sharing of profound moments reassuring to my own lifes mysteries:-} surely ego driven....


loved the pastoral moment with the sheep coming over to put its head in his lap....


and the desert times near the Mojave.


deserts are so beautiful. enjoyed many beautiful and bizarre times out in that open!


can't thank you enough for the video..


I think it makes me feel safe to rely on meditation....and unfold as life unfolds before me.


took a hike yesterday.....quiet. had too much caffeine but I still was able to take in the beauty.no one around

just nature.

I went on to make another journey elsewhere. so I drove about 15 minutes.

a spot I go to in the fall. its a haven for ducks. can't even begin to describe the land other than it was once farm land that has been flooded. not a preserve necessarily. but it is open to hunting, hiking.

anyway I have located two years prior some beautiful pods in the bogs.(lotus seed pods-image search them they are very interesting)

see them before in floral arrangements. but I did not realize they came from nature.

they are mostly round and found in wetlands. then inside the head are numerous circular holes....

they are pretty hardy after they dry out and in each hole is a tiny circle pea.

anyway I saw them yesterday still green and the bog was too wet still to go cut a few.

I was driving off the main road to a one lane road, through the boggy area.

ahead of me were two trucks.so I just stopped for a moment looking-and the first truck did the same.

I decided after about 15 seconds to pull over a bit.


not a good idea. I began to try to move a bit just after the first truck passed me and realized that I was on deep mud on the right side. the second truck passes and I am now doing the same thing I do in the winter when I am stuck...I just rock it back in forth

ramming it into 1st gear then quickly in reverse...back and forth...but I was STUCK bad.

luckily the second truck stopped. he had been looking in his rear mirror at me in distress.


long story short-his dad had been stuck along side that road some time ago -even in a full sized truck-got stuck.

the two occupants of the trucks had been duck hunting. they both had tow rope. The first execution was from the back bumper and it fully bent the bumper out---uggg

so he then went under the truck and tied it to something else....

he dragged me back maybe 15 feet but I was still stuck.

I insisted that there is no way I can get out in reverse because I would have to turn my wheels sending me further toward the bog.

so I debated in my mind and out loud with them whether I should just get a tow truck. I have insurance that will reimburse a tow service charge. I was a bit scared though thinking I had to be in a somewhat isolated area, and not have access to be in my car and leave.

So we tried the other truck with a smaller tow rope attached with a clip to an area that looked like it was made to be hooked to....


and we got it out. My alignment or balance is off for sure...

it did not ruin my day. I would have liked to have walked a bit in sunshine and sat with the ducks and looked at all the pretty bog/ponds in the area.

this is the 4th time I have been stuck pulling off the road.


that had nothing to do with john butler. no


it had to do with how a day in my life unfolded and unplanned. to the kindness to two duck hunters who spent atleast a good hour with me.

there I was----life just happening.

I do think some planning would have helped in hindsight.

but there it is dirt and all.


I did not stay to walk. I could not allow the dirt and reeds to be all over. My two tires were submerged as was the whole undercarriage on the right side.I drove away on the main highway with the steering wheel shimmering after 50 MPH so something has altered my steering.


my favorite line from john butler was something about don't fence me in.:-)


I might sneak out of work tomorrow and revisit the bog. fall will pass quickly and I like to behold the changing of the landscapes.


this video was peaceful. not sure what seems so daunting about meditation. I do not think it is simple "the ego does not want too"...I think I just have reached outside so long that I have now" found sufficient misery"-that there is no other way but IN. :-) another funny thing not so funny he said in interview.

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Iain had mentioned in the last part that they would pan views of the church. the video cut short. I think to internet search him and see it. not sure where he is located. England?


anyway...I think THIS is my second favorite video I have ever watched.


Brillant Oak! :wub:

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Really happy that I could share something as beautiful as this interview with someone : )


We will come back to it many times in our lives, right? Like those favourite books we keep reading...


Can relate to being stuck in the mud... thank you for sharing your adventure.


I think John lives in England, yes.


It really gave me much peace... and hope! It reached us for some reason...  :)

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I quizzed my mother about the symbolic meaning of the P with the letter x on the stem of the P letter.


It is a very familiar symbol from church. I will have to check out the meaning. I think it may even be on her orthodox study bible.


She did not know. I will have to check it out.


Maybe you did not see it...it is on the area rug during the interview.


-ok- peace and hope.


been stuck in mud, ditch, sand, and another ditch....ALL in the same truck!


not sure what else to say. surprised other people have not commented on such a lovely video interview.


I think the P symbology  is I am who am.or something related.


gonna check now.


ok I was incorrect/wrong


it is the Chi Rho--


greek  abbreviation of Christ I believe...many symbols I read about

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That's how life is, you get stuck and unstuck, clean, dirty and clean again... :)


Not concerned if people comment or don't comment, I just knew I had to share what did me so well.There, very spontaneously. It will reach those that has to reach.


Symbols... What I believe about symbols is that finding their deep meaning is proportional to the effort or interest one puts in the investigation. Not as easy as road signs, no  :)


Hope John is still in Russia in some remote place far from the crowd.

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I do not get carried away by symbols. I just noticed the familiar symbol.
I make nonsense mostly out of each moment.

yesterday I came home from work and sat on the bed. I moved sweatshirt off the bed and noticed a flea. I do not have a pet at this location. but it got on me somehow.....I managed to kill it because I am not going to try to catch it and take it outside. I guess that is unfair but my instinct were to kill it because otherwise it would hop around in the bed and then bite me.


you may not be concerned if people comment or not. but the video in my opinion even without some perspective of being able to relate--is that his words are eloquent and simple pointing to stillness. it is in the manner of how he chooses to form words slowly and tenderly....


away from crowds is good for those who like away from crowds.


I am not much of a reader but I would take an interest in what he wrote.


I like that he is 79 and that his story goes back far before all the mainstream popularity. simple stories and genuine moments of what his mother and father taught him. the clarity of his father teaching him to work with tools with attention.


crowds have things to teach to you know.  I learn a lot about myself when I am subject to that environment.


I have to attend football games, marching band competitions and endless events like jazz band concerts or fundraising events.


I do aspire to live removed from the world....just in wilderness with lots of space....not in an amish sense.


threadbare simplicity.



the roadsign I mentioned was a stop sign..which is stop. the owl in my mind is symbolic of wisdom. it says-stacey

use good wisdom and stop that invitation from occurring. unfortunately it seemed to manifest later in life....

not that that was the invited.


so the video quells a bit...then the merry go round begins again...

only so much that I can tend to...picking and choosing my battles carefully.

how to express oneself from a place of decency and without my hoopla.

letting go of angst and the recognition of whatever is passing through to not grab me too long.

mostly work related.

each moment though.


why did the video do you well.

and why is the part necessary about the flesh eating demon.

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Sometimes there's wisdom in crowds, rarely though... at least in my opinion. You put together a group of nice, peaceful dogs and they become a wolfpack. Again,just my observations of nature.


Can't remember that part you mentioned about the expression "flesh eating demon", if you can tell me exactly where it is...


For me there's great hope in his message since he lived so many adventures, so many up's and downs, and all was part of it, of the education he had to receive...


Another thing is the expression of the wisdom of the Tao te ching in the words of this lao-tzu (old master). Someone who may never read the book and get's to the same conclusions.


There's a sample of one of his books in googlebooks. His writting is however more christian/biblical influenced which is understandable. The message is there just the same.


If you aspire to live in wilderness and removed from the world you may like the following video. Another one of my favourites  :)

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john butler does not reference flesh eating demon

some other passage in the forum--its a thread title.


john butler mentions having his mouth sides slit open and a big YELL to let out "something"


I aspire for not too much.


I will check out the video today. off to daily routine-


I do not think I have wold pack mentality--I tend to sit at the edge but I have been feisty at times. it is necessary to challenge at times though-maybe in some respects.


I can imagine that though in a very competitive society and we have lost touch with the land, stars, growing our own food, basic skills like sewing, making things.......valuing stars, or just sitting to enjoy them on a dark evening.....its all computers and tehnology and politics that are bashing and not uplifting to humanity.

just my random thoughts


streams are polluted as are rivers and oceans as is inside bodies----

I guess cleaning my own is ideal than I have done my part.


worried though about skewing my view with others views...we shall see

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well what is the point of me "sharing" (loose knit word) if you both want to be showy pulling information out of mid air consciousness otherwise known as my thinking mind?


if someone said hey-you are a little bit odd-I would agree.




I just pretended a few days ago in order to get some cleaning done that I was preparing for a visitor..........


so right away I had to open  the windows to increase the prana......


talk about her majesties services....


does buttler really have to T's? looks like a very small detail for editting ;)


lets pick out some better thoughts shall we?


let me update you on the bounty of the back hillside....


finally the sunflowers all died back as did the corn.


endless offerings.....if one takes the time to behold what the earth has to offer.


there are atleast 3 different wildflowers out there now. My neighbor said asters were one of them. I do not know.


what I do know is that this hillside is nonstop with its own innate beauty and harmony.


all that needed to be done was to stop mowing and weed eating.


the ones there now are tiny mini looking daisies...


you know like the loves me loves me not flower? :wub:


but very very miniature.


and a very pale pale lavender.


don't go getting on the merry go round unless you bring dan with you to say sorry for being a jack ass like Eyore. seriously not going.....saddled up ....reins and all...but sitting.....good luck with THIS one! :blush::huh:


not willing to budge an inch when it is necessary.


now..as for snake fear......we can refer back to John Butler anaconda camping trip......


dare you sleep on the banks with that?

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