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Autumn Saturday

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Autumn in Southern Wisconsin,


Enchanting and beautiful music in the background,


the humidity gone for a day.


Red and yellow leaves showing up


more and more.


I Love Autumn, it's peacefulness,


and sometimes it's pain, in beginning to turn towards Winter.


Taking off Summer's clothes, ever so slowly, like a Lover.


Wet streets, wet ground, grey skies that seem endless,


but they bring in a sense of everything Being exactly as it should be.


A leaf falls, seeming to say to me "See you again next Spring".


The Cranes still here, long grey bodies, bright yellowish and orange eyes,


A seemingly good omen, as they hunt for food,


Undisturbed by humanity all around them,


They just continue being Cranes,


The real Adepts of the neighborhood!


I'm glad today that Summer's heat is gone,


Autumn always makes me take stock of my life,


and be thankful. 


For this divine moment of introspection,


Of giving me a look into nature, a true vision


of how simple that life really is,


when we just get still enough to hear,


to really listen, and to really see.


And to feel taken care of by the Divine Dao,


who allows and helps us to be, who we really are, in this moment,


called Autumn.

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For us Autumn is not a great time. We get little heat in summer anyway and it's the beginning of longer nights. Probably the worst part is the low light throughout the day-in the Northern UK we get a physiological condition known as SAD (seasonal something deficiency ?) it means low light, low vitamin D and various other issues.


I like the leaves turning colour and walking on crispy days, but being stuck inside whilst it drizzles for days with temperatures in the low 10 s with low light and long nights is pretty miserable. Can't get the bike out either which is bad. I make the best of it, but can't wait for spring. Christmas and bonfire night relieve some of the winter blues, but God, January is long and often tough.


Wisconsin sounds nicer.

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