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Kunlun Experiences Compilation

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I just wanted to put some Kunlun experiences into one place. Feel free to add to the list!


I want to offer some part of my experience after the San Fransisco seminar as validation for those considering this path. To begin, there are no words fitting to describe the changes, and experiences both within, and without my self since the transmission. As best i can express: A complete unraveling of self, of mind to the core of being (discovery of the secret inch) <occured about three hours after practiceing by my self for the first time. Prior to the first seminar my body was in fairly ragged condition from years hard work. and many injuries. At this point -about three months later many conditions have disapeared, and have found an ability to heal serious conditions in others. I wont say here what those condistions were -it would sound impossible. Listen to your heart about this 'Kun Lun'




I just got introduced to Kunlun in LA, and have been practicing ever since. I was suffering from depression and had a hard time doing any meditation. Since starting KUnlun I've experienced many opening in both my body and mind. I've been feeling happy and light ever since starting and have been experiencing my loved ones with a more open heart. I've been practicing for about a month now. One of the health changes that occured for me is that I normally experience excrutiating cramps on my cycle. i got my period a week after starting Kunlun and had more energy and absoutely NO CRAMPS and no pain killers. In fact I worked on my feet all day on the first day when I norally have to take the day off because of how bad they get. I've noticed that as y heart has been clearing I have been experiencing cold like symptoms that come from my lymph system clearing out. i feel lighter and more connected to my body and have been working through the changes that have been coming up. I would love to hear what healing abilities have come forth for you because I have noticed some new intuitive healing abilities in myself.




Ive had many good experiences and benefits from doing kunlun this month, without transmission. But the one thing that interests me the most is that my ability to see auras gets better, the chakras are more substantial and I can see a lot more of what they are about and their interaction with peoples internal and external worlds. All the energetic systems has become more visible with my physical eyes, not just my inner vision. Sometimes I feel like I see through an opening in the fog and things are crystal clear. If this practice expands after transmission, I cant wait to get it!




I have tried not to focus too much on the phenomena, or post about it anymore. I don't want to give the impression that I am chasing after these things or manufacturing them. For me though, Kunlun seems to be really focused on the third eye and crown. During practice, I feel energy pressurizing in the skull around my forehad and third eye. I have had experiences where I have "seen" inside my own body. Often when I close my eyes, I can sttill "see" my legs as light. Ironically I have only had one experience I would call blissfull. After about 40 minutes of practicing, this wave of tranquility reverberated through my body. I sat there for several minutes in complete peace and calm. It was very subtle, yet very powerful at the same time.




Lots of shaking and twisting- arms, legs, torso, head. Lots of heat generated that at the end of 1 hour make your underwear soaked with sweat. Sometimes there is a feeling like you want to make sounds with your mouth and there are some sounds coming out related to animal sounds or to Healing Sounds, it only happened to me once when I practiced with a friend. It seems if you practice with someone, the effects are much greater, at least for me. Doesn't matter if the air conditioner is on- the heat is all the same, and eventually you would prefer having a freezing water shower just to cool things down a bit. The heat is not uncomfortable per say.


This practice generates a lot of energy but again this type of energy doesn't make me feel too full or uncomfortable. It opened up the legs a bit so it feels now like walking on something soft, even if I walk on the concrete floor. It's been now over a month into this type of practice, and there are some weird feelings on the upper back area- kind of pleasurable. Also, many times, same feeling in the feet and the knees.


This practice greatly improved my stillness meditation and an ability to sit cross legged for longer periods of time. Also, the flexibility in the legs improved, even though I haven't done anything targeting it.


Also, I noticed the hunger is gone, and some days I eat once a day, mainly veggies and fruits. There is definitely something is going on with this method, and although I practiced before a similar method related to Soaring Crane chi kung, the effects of this practice are much more powerful. I would also recommend it to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their emptiness meditation.




Reason i say this is that kunlun can bring back (sometimes long supressed) emotion, ok it gets rid of it but before you lost these "demons" there is a chance that you will encounter/face them again.


The link is pretty obvious. I wont have to tell you wich emotional impact this can have on certain people. I dont think this road of thought is to farfetched.


Personally i noticed this because after kunlun a few days ago alot of extreme and strange thoughts came into my mind one evening .. evil ones. Im relatively stable and yust let them pass because i knew well these wherent natural. I can assure you it took a while where diffrent feelings ranging from being unhappy towards anger and absolute rage, agression and hatred followed up on eachother (this single event was before i went to bed 2 hours after doing kunlun).


As these emotions where so strong i gave it alot of thought and can only come to the conclusion these where emotions deeply stored away (temprament issues) and was facing them again years after i encountered them for the last time. Offcourse im not 100% sure this is related with kunlun, though the fact i still felt the energy going trough my body gives me a hint it could be related. I can understand that if i would of given in to these emotions ugly things would have happend.


For me this is part of the personal cleaningprocess and a challenge really, yeah you really get to know yourself ! However i dont wonna imagine wich effect (sometimes extreme) emotions could have on a person that by coincidence resides in a very stressfull situation or yust cant control them that moment.


If your still reading ! Dont get me wrong, i dont wonna scare anyway away from kunlun, in contrary i find kunlun a great and valuable teacher (+ its give some great energy and bliss tongue.gif ) ! But seeing afterwords these are things i thought would be usefull to mention to the people here who also yust engaged in the practice.


Mantra's response:


The thing about Kunlun is that IT WORKS.


If you are interested in a spiritual path that cuts out all of the fluff and B.S. then this is for you. The method itself is like the path of enlightenment: free of that which is not needed.


You are a great example of a typical Kunlun practitioner. You are doing your practice and immediately getting results. You are stirring your own pot.


All of the things you have within are revealed. You must be brave on this path because you will have to face yourself. The good, the bad and the ugly.


This is why so many fail on the path. Some people can't handle dealing with what they have created.


I personally look at my own stuff in a very detached manner. I have directly experienced the Tao and in that moment could clearly see my obstacles. In a way I got mad at myself for allowing such a separation from source, so I have become somewhat fearless about kicking out the illusions of the past.


When practicing, do not bring the energy into the head. Allow the downward flow to cool the fire and merge at the heart.


With Kunlun, you have activated a "reset" function of the body. It is a process that knows what to do. It will continue to work to straighten you out and eliminate the "extra" things you have created.


What remains is the bliss.


The visual changes you are experiencing is your own wisdom eye opening. This is common. Max and Kan and others see the world in a completely different way. They see the energy that is around everything. It takes some adjustment, but you will be fine.


Store everything in the lower dan tien. You are correct.



Odd experience, not sure if it is related to kunlun at all...I've been doing level 1 for a month and a half? 2 months maybe? Been doing level 2 in the last week or so, I think I've done it maybe 4, 5 times. Anyway, my normal memory recall/trigger mechanism has always been somewhat slow, in a sense that when something triggers a memory for me, images/impressions/feelings have always happened in a one-at-a-time fashion and proceed slowly, i.e. I would spend 5-15 seconds processing, depending on the situation. A few times in the last week, memory recalls via external trigger have been way faster than I have ever experienced, on the order of I will have easily 5 times the amount of information recalled and have it all happen in like a third of a second.


I did an hour and change of kunlun 1 & 2 last night with an appropriate amount of closedown.

I usually make coffee in the morning right before I am ready to leave for work, I have a poland spring cooler that has hot water so I get it really fast. This morning I made some before I got in the shower...have not done that in a long time. I got out of the shower, dried off, and through the steam, opened the door and caught a strong coffee aroma and wha-wha-wha-BAM, I got flooded with a whole bunch of memories of my girlfriend - intense, but no overwhelmingly so...all in less than a half a second. Memories of when she lived with me, when things were less screwed up with us...happiness, hugs, getting out of the shower and running and jumping back into bed to cuddle for another few minutes before I *really* had to get my ass moving to work...having coffee together, a longtime ritual of ours...her smile...the feel of her skin...her eyes...her eyes as they were and all the emotion behind them when I asked her to marry me...


then it was gone. and well, I'm not sure I can honestly refer to her as my girlfriend right now anyway...its tough when you have been awesome friends with someone for ~10 years and then date them...a second time...and have strong ties between each other, move a thousand miles back for it (she did)...but have one be extremely off kilter while the other had nothing but love, flip, flop, flip, flop...until finally it comes to the point where we need to change everything to reestablish what made us good in the first place, because we have gotten so far away from it...


/end rant


So...yeah, was I was curious of, has anyone heard of anything like that memory trigger stuff happening?? I'm not scared of it nor intimidated by it, I just thought it peculiar. And my girl...friend...I just try not to hang on to the past nor think of what will be in the future, just be happy hanging out when we do...


Mantra's reply:


As you continue with your practice you may find yourself having clear recall of events in this life and others. You are unlocking what is inside of you good and bad.


It only gets better.




You definitely need less sleep. It seems to be an inverse relation. The more time you invest in your Kulun practice the less sleep you need. I reduced my practice time. Going to sleep at midnight and getting up again at 2 o'clock is a little bit too extreme for my taste ...


You described it exactly as it is. You don't feel tired at all. If you feel tired and the urge to sleep, you go to bed, sleep for a very short time (usually between 2-4 hours) and get up up again (even after being out all night). The hardest thing is to overcome the conditioning we have to get enough sleep. You are always waiting for the crash down or prefer to stay in bed (just in case) - staring at the ceiling.

The most striking thing about Kunlun is the enormous amount of energy you acquire. It's not like most Chi Kung systems that help you to reduce stress. So you are tired and practice some Chi Kung. After the practice you usually feel more relaxed and energetic - but still feel kind of tired at the same time (at least my experience). If I do a full session of Kunlun (10 min visualization, 1 hour Kunlun I and (at least) 20 min closing down) I feel fresh like after a good night's sleep - even though I have been down before.

You have more energy but it's less sexual than for example the Deer Exercise or some form of Hatha/Kundalini Yoga. It feels very subtle, like water (full of potential).

Still, I have the impression that you get used to the energy somehow. Doing Kunlun every second day or reducing the practice time to a quarter of an hour seems to bring my sleeping cycle a little bit more to normal.

Just doing the closing down (the Kunlun way) seems already to refresh my energy. I do it if I have a strict schedule and want to do some form of Chi Kung. So much for mixing ...




I do notice that when i have eaten not that long ago and do kunlun that the energy also heats up the places where there is still food stuck in the bowel .. i feel where the food is in my body as kunlun goes around it and heats up everything out of place (in this case partly undigested food but in other cases also "dirty" energy and places where there are problems like a small infection or bruise) .


Maybe this heating (energy gushing trough rapidly and strongly) has somekind of dehydrating effect on the intestines.


Its also noted not to drink water right before doing kunlun (also for the heating effect ?? .. the kahuna wariors tested there strenght by boiling a glass of water infront of there body like mentioned in the book .. maybe related to this ?)




After reading the book and practicing a few times, I started to get some results which grew with each practice session. Eventually these sessions involved such vigorous and sometimes violent movement that I dubbed Kunlun the "heavy metal" of cultivation, and was kinda freaked out about practicing it. At the seminar Max adjusted my energy during one of my violent outbursts and told me that was "where" I should be. So now when the movement gets too strong, I remember to smile a deep smile and things calm down and become very peaceful.


It seems like the heavy movement happens when I forget to smile this deep smile. When I remember, the movements generally settle down. The quality of this energy is very harmonious and peaceful. However, I reserve the right to comment again when I get a better handle on it.




I've been doing the practice since February. I had a dream that I should go to Hawaii to see Max. I felt compelled. I had met Max before but at the time wasn't drawn to the practice. I guess I wasn't ready. Anyway, I went to Hawaii and Max transferred to me. I was immediately sensitive to the energy. It was a very quiet, simple process. I just sat there and closed my eyes but I actually saw an image when he did this. I won't say what it was but it was cool. There was no physical reacton but afterwards my arm was trembling. I got a little worried but he told me my energy was balancing itself. I felt tremors for about an hour, then it went away.


I'll fast forward from here. I started doing the practice about a couple of times a week. During the practice my shoulder would twitch pretty hard, my stomach would tighten and release, I would start to swirl into a "pillar of bliss", laughing uncontrollably. At times, I would cry, deep sobs from the depths of my soul, sometimes with memories attached, other times not. Afterwards, I would start to laugh. After bringing the energy back down and coming back to the "real" world I would feel light and cleansed. I still have these reactions but they've also become more intense and more interesting.


Since I haven't had transmissions from anyone else, I can't compare. I've been told this practice is different because of the type of energy that is used. It's not qi (chi). It's a magnetic energy. I've learned to cultivate it to the point where I can now use the excess energy I create to help other people clear blocks and and open channels. I'm still learning how to use this. My dormant "abilities" are becoming more obvious. I'm not confident in these abilities in any way at this point but I'm beginning to realize and understand them. I hope once this is developed I will be able to help others.


I am now able to tap into the knowledge that, I guess, has been dormant with me. Knowledge from ancient times, even. I sometimes see images and scenes from the past. I know how to do things that I have not been taught in this lifetime.


For example, my dog was very sick and given less than a week to live. She's my baby and I was heartbroken. By accessing this energy, I was able to feel what was wrong inside of her. Her energy field almost felt like it had a kink in it, in the affected area (her liver). I pumped her up with Kunlun energy. Keep in mind, I'm not a healer. I have no experience doing this. Through my instincts, I knew what to do. Almost 8 months later, my dog is still here and her liver is great. I don't understand it. I did the same thing with a fish that kept floating sideways.




My experience is that the hand position prompts the vitality (jing, essence) of the hara to ping-pong up and down the front, amongst the lower and middle (heart) centers. A kind of kan & li, which we all know sweetens vitality into bliss. Once it's sweetened enough, it becomes less stingy and spontaneously unsticks from the hara and flows (mostly down and) deeper into the body. Yummy.




I am so excited!!! I tried the suggestions everyone gave me yesterday. I tried doing 4-5 minutes then spiral at the waist. That worked. Spiraling relieves the pain in my back. I also modified the instructions in that my chair has a back and arm rests but they presented no problems at all and it was nice resting gently on the back rest while experiencing Kunlun.


And what made me even happier is that I experienced some of the signs listed in the book that Kunlun is activating. Except I didn't get the bliss feeling. Odd. I'm not sure why that didn't activate but many others did.



Arched back

Bouncing legs

Crawling, itchy skin


Open mouth

Swirling light with my eyes closed



But most important of all...when I finally finished my back was FREE FROM THE PAIN from that awful wreck for the first time in YEARS! I am soooo excited. You have no idea how much it means to me to find something that has given me relief from this constant pain. If it continues I am hoping I can wean myself off pain medication.


If I never had another benefit ever again from Kunlun that one thing alone - relief from my awful back pain makes it worth doing daily.


To Mantra...please tell Max I am forever grateful to him for being willing to teach people this wonderful form of healing Tao.




This ability to feel. to be open. like a child. sharing with others what beauty comes forth. laughing. being free of fear. Living. remembering who i am. incredible excitement, and joy over the small stuff in life -like food.

Rushes of power, and strength. An energy so strong moving me forward. When i smile at people now -they melt. Kun Lun Is what i missed when i was a kid, something i forgot, and something that remember me. It Is Life -it is life. Scepticism is one one of the things that kept me from my self, that kept me lost. Without scepticism, when faced with the question of "what is Kun Lun" All i had left was, an amazing opportunity......................

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