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Looking For a Daoist/Laoist Woman

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Hi, this is WAY off topic.


But I'm 64 years old, in a wheelchair, but honestly, I get around my apartment pretty well just walking.


I'm looking for another disabled/retired 60ish year old lady that loves the Tao te Ching/Dao de Jing, as much as me.


I'm in Southeastern Wisconsin, and I'm witty, I consider myself to be intelligent, and I love to laugh, and I'm looking for the same in a lady.


I really LOVE music, especially Celtic, and New Age music.


I really like the term "Laoist"(but it's NOT my term, I just borrowed it from 2 friends here), as a doer of what Li Ehr/Laozi spoke about in those 81 chapters of the TTC/DDJ.


You can look at my little profile around my screen name here, it tells quite a bit about me.


And if you wanna know more, you can ask, and my writings are here to read, as well.


I'm tired of being alone the vast majority of the time, and I have a lot to offer to the right lady.


Welp, that's about it. I'm from the South (Western Arkansas) but I've lived in 9 (nine) states, and I'm a part of those places too, especially New Mexico.


Where my Heart will always be.


 They don't call it 'The Land of Enchantment' for *nothing*!


So, if you're a 60ish year old lady, and you might fit what I said above, feel free to PM me!


Thanks, and I hope that it's OK that I put this here.


If it's not, please let me know.  Thanks,  Differently Abled Daoist


P.S. I'd be glad to send a photo of myself to you, you just need to ask!  :-)

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