Longevity moxibustion

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Here's a cool method...

Starting on the day of the new moon, use direct moxibustion on zusanli (ST-36) for the next 8 days (until the day that the moon has become half full).

It's thought that the new moon is the time when the qi and blood are most deficient in people. Conversely, during the full moon is when we are the most full in qi and blood, and would be a time to avoid tonifying since the person is already in an excess state.

The timing of the moon from new to half full represents the phase of wood, which has to do with nourishing life.


This method basically boosts a person in general, and done over time leads to longevity.


Consult Deadman's Manual of Acupuncture app on your device (iPhone, iPad, etc) for how to locate ST-36...or ask someone who knows.


How to direct moxa:
1) Take a very small amount of loose moxa, and roll it between your fingers, until it's the size of a grain of wheat or rice. The ends should taper off, and the center of it should be the widest.
2) Wet the ST-36 area with a drop of water.

3) Place one end of the moxa grain on the water so that it's standing upright (with one tapered end down, and one tapered end up). The water helps to hold it upright.

4) Light the very tip of the top tapered end on fire.

5) Keep your thumb very near to where it's burning, and pay attention to the very first feeling of warmth or tingling, or when you see the ember getting closer to the skin. You don't want it to get too hot. Right when you feel the slightest warmth or tingling...

6) Press down hard with your thumb, so that the ember isn't getting any more oxygen. If you do this right, you will not burn your thumb or your leg and it will just feel like warmth rather than being hot. Caution: you might burn yourself, or even set your house on fire, if you don't do it exactly right. This is just for information purposes.

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I tried this for a few days...I think it can be somewhat imbalancing, adding too much heat during the tonification of the point.

A more gentle way of direct moxibustion is to make a larger cone in the shape of a wizard's hat...let it burn until you feel it's warm but not yet hot, and then remove it from the spot by lifting the remainder of the cone off. Not pressing down to extinguish, which drives heat into the point.

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