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Hi friends,


I am in the process of writing not another Bagua book.


Chapters in mind:



Liang style Bagua

The core of Bagua practice: concentration, stepping and the Eight Mother Palms

Only one style of Bagua: really?

More is worse

Relaxation and letting go: the real key to success

No expectations

Training in the park

You are your own master

Living alone in a foreign country and culture, hardship means success

Chinese Medicine


The role of emotions

What is the mind

What is really Ba Gua Zhang: beyond the martial art if you dare to go deep


More about no expectations: Enlightenment is a block one must overcome


Please let me know if you are a practitioner and wish anything else to be added since I am writing this to benefit students of the art and not to promote myself or gain profit from it.


I am planning to include actual photos of each of the palms, how to perform correct stepping and changind direction of the circle, the benefit of focusing on certain palms according to certain karmic blockages and best time for practice according to the year of birth.


Thanks! :)

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Wow Gerard that's incredible!
Lots of respect for undertaking a challenge of writing a book.

What do you mean by "one style of Bagua"? Is it that you believe only one style exists or that one should choose and practice just one style and master it?

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I would suggest including a chapter or section on standing and sitting meditation.

For me they are an integral part of the practice. 

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Not much to add since I'm a beginner concerning BGZ. I applaud your endeavour. It's been rewarding following you here on thedaobums and I look forward to purchasing the book.




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Thank you. :)


Master Dong Haichuan had only one style when he first started teaching in Beijing. Variations of what he taught were created later on. But the essence of the art is the same: circle walking, stepping and the role of each of the 8 Palms.




Thanks for your suggestion but the book will focus on the art. Sitting meditation is something a lot more personal and a very subjective experience. It is important but certain practitioners should focus on movement rather than sitting, hit a mind block and spend years and years without going any further. The same principle goes with standing meditation. :)


I will mention walking meditation as a supplementary practice.


Obviously "foundation" exercises will be included as well.


Unfortunatley this won't be a martial arts book. For that you need to learn from a martial artist who is clearly focused on this since this aspect cannot be learnt in written form; so I will skip any post-birth methods and forms. This is a Bagua book focused on neigong and development of the mind (spiritual cultivation).


Another thing, I look forward to write about is: siddhis and other paranormal phenomena. But please do not expect a manual about how to levitate, find out about your past lives and communication with devas.

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