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Latest bombings in Iraq

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G.I. Gurdjieff Writing in the 1920's:


"These two schools of the Islamic religion are called there 'Sunnism' and

"It is interesting to note that the psychic hatred of each other formed in the
beings belonging to these two independent branches of one and the same
religion has now, on account of their frequent clashes, been completely transformed
into organic hatred.
"During recent centuries the beings of certain European communities have
greatly contributed by their intrigues to this peculiar transformation of that
strange being-function.
"And they make use of these intrigues again and again to increase the
animosity between the followers of these two independent schools of one and
the same religion so that they should never unite, for if this were to happen
there might soon be an end of those European communities.
"The point is that nearly half of the three-brained beings there are
followers of this Islamic teaching, and only as long as this hatred prevails
among them will they constitute no serious threat of 'reciprocal destruction' to
European communities.
"And hence the power-possessors of certain 'freshly
baked' communities that have accidentally arisen always rub their hands and
rejoice when sparks fly between these Sunnis and Shi'ites, because they may
then count on a long and secure existence for themselves."
Over 125 killed and over 100 injured today in car bombings in Iraq, Shia bombing Sunnis

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At some point, you have to blame the people who planned the crime and carried it out.  Then stop them.  The blaming society or mama, only goes so far. 

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