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cloud recluse

Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience

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Have been comtemplating giving this a go, but there seem to be 2 different versions of the series in regards to waves 5 & 6.At least , thats how it looks on the bittorrent files ive looked at, & a few sites.


One version has Wave 5 as Advanced Focus 12 / Discovering Intuition / Exploring Intuition / Intro to Focus 12 / Mission 15-Creation & Manifestation / Exploring Focus 12.


Wave 6 is listed as Sensing Locale 1 / Expanding in Locale 1 / Point of Departure/ Nonphysical Freinds / Movement Locale 2-21 / Freeflow-021 .


The other version ive seen lists Wave 5 as Mission 10-Expanding Focus 10/ Mission 11-Expandind Focus 12/ Mission Day/ Mission Night / Horizons / Pathways .


Wave 6 is then listed as Metamorphosite / Bio-Body/ Null Point / Plus POlarity / Near Reaches / Far REaches.


Then a Wave 7 is listed, with the same tracks on Wave 6 in the first version.


Has anyone here tried the program ?


Regards. Cloud :)

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