The Long Life Sutra

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The Long Life Sutra, Sutra of the Great Vehicle called "Unfathomable Exalted Life and Transcendental Wisdom."


Contains the basic makeup of the Universe.


Contains the size, shape and approx number of Sentient planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. The approx age of the Solar System. 


The age of the Earth, the extinction events prior to 1 A.D., the approx time when single cell organisms(life) began, the natural life cycle (de evolution) of the earth, the start of the current environmental climate change.


The Sutra even though it's about 2000 yrs old, it had to be written at least 5,000,000,000 years ago, since it is written in an observational view point.


It links Buddhism to Hinduism.

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When you read it, think about Math and all the area's of Math. Since Wisdom is philosophy, philosophy gave birth to Science.


Mount Meru- “The Sun along with all the planets circle the mountain” refer to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  “the Meru mountain was also described as being surrounded by Mandrachal Mountain to the east, Supasarv Mountain to the west, Kumuda Mountain to the north and Kailash to the south.”, “Mountain” in that phrase refers to the “Arms” of the Milky Way Galaxy. Refers to “The four guardians will always follow, guide, hide and protect anyone who writes or lets others write the sutra container Unfathomable Life and Transcendental Wisdom.”


100,000,000 a    Extinction approx

250,000,000 a C   Permian extinction approx.

360,000,000 b    Extinction approx

450,000,000 b    Extinction approx

550,000,000 b

650,000,000 a

770,000,000 a

840,000,000 a

990,000,000 a

4.96 Billion yrs ago- age of solar System

"a"=3.6 Billion yrs ago- approx time frame of "life" "cellular" on Earth (start)

"b"=1.36 Billion yrs ago- approx climate change start.

 C   "Writing or letting others write this sutra container of Unfathomable Life and Transcendental Wisdom is like letting the person write the 84,000 teachings of Buddha and consecrating them." + " A thousand buddhas will stretch out their arms" = 84 Million, it deals with the ice ages, geological time and crust removal.

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Think about why the Dalai Lama was in Japan, giving teachings of the Bodhisattva way and Manjushri Permission.  Then wonder how long One has walked among you. (46 years)

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