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a mailing list for tea and meditation

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Hi friends,

my publiscist over at Tambuli Media ( and I are working on creating a mailing list to discuss the topics of Cha Dao tea arts and meditation.

There will be weekly emails with free ebooks, tutorials, instruction on different kinds of tea and how to appraise them, and lots of information about how to meditate better.

Most of the material for the tea information will be taken from Taipei style Cha Dao as invented by Master Zhou Yu and taught to me by Christine He.   I will also touch on many issues pertaining to Mainland Chinese tea culture too, so it will be a very full and interesting curriculum.

The meditation work will be largely based on modern and old documents in Daoism, and at the start we will probably be working mainly with the theory of Jiang Weiqi and Chen Yingning, with an eye to also researching older Daoist documents.

My meditation teacher is Yang Hai, but I've also learned from various teachers in Taiwan and Mainland China.  

The mailing list will be totally free of charge, but we will also make sure to keep you up to date about new projects and books at Tambuli Media that pertain to the material taught in the free ebooks.


If you think you might like to join, please send me a private message with your name and email address.  I promise total discretion with your email addresses, and they will only be used in the mainling list with your permission.




Keep me informed  :) :) :) :)


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