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From lucidity back into density: What is re-applying filters in our perception?

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Coming from altered states where filters in our perception are removed

For example in which we can clearly see the atmosphere around us, how it, as us, changes with every subtle movement of our intention. Knowing this, learning more about this, recovering it, observing it, re-utilizing it, is so very important for our further understanding what we. One skill of So many

It had color to it, in absence from direct sunlight seen as red blue green. The atmosphere we live in is structured. Like any geometric structure imaginable. A constant arrangement of "a" pattern. This structure, this pattern, changes with every movement we make. Not, but also physical. First and foremost through intention and especially easy to notice with emotion

How the entire quality of the atmosphere around us changes instantly, is seen and felt entirely different

This was in an observatory experiment taking a DMT compound. I have never reached that depth in meditation where I could observe myself so clearly. Thankfully I do not have any ignorant attitude towards entheogenic substances found in our plants, so I could experience myself in such a way, very early on in what can be called, the recognition of consciousness, what we all do here.

Does it all come down to how much DMT we have in our bodies? Is it all about our daily synthesis of this "spiritual molecule" that allows us to lift the veils of our physical reality and live as, light-being, at the same time?

Sunlight through synthesis raises naturally DMT. Meditation does this in the most efficient way. I also start to figure out that the very space infront of our being, atmosphere if you want to call it that way, holds pure DMT in it, ready for us to access. So it is really unimportant if we expose ourselves to sunlight or isolate ourselves in darkness. There is something deeper happening here, something Much more powerful than these physical appearances here that drives our perception and how it allows altered, REAL states of it

One could say that silence is that, or from my current understanding leads to this desired, transitional

But at the same silence is so tough to get into, get used to. For it clears the ego. A hyper intelligent way of Reality. Nevertheless the most direct to all methods

What is re-applying filters in our perception?

Edit: Lack of inner focus? An uncontrolled, constant outflow of our conscious into this world? But how so blocking of all "light-structure" that one does no longer perceive it? The DMT experience made both possible, both perceiving physical reality as we see it with our eyes And at the same time light... to perceive both, is SUCH a desirable state

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