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Agora Health - Publications (UK)

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Saw a few interesting Articles iro Statins & Heart Health on the net, which, as I'm a Type II Diabetic, led me to buy a book from Agora Health, here in the UK.


The Book is entitled "259 All-Natural Secrets to Disease-Proof Your Heart, Unclog Your Arteries And Keep Your Ticker Ticking Stronger Than Someone Half Your Age" by Rachael Linkie.


(Catchy Title Huh!)


I've had a quick look and I'd say that a fair amount of the information presented is based on well known studies and ideas. Healthy Eating / Medicines to steer clear of, etc. But in several cases, they recommend certain things (seemingly) based on one doctors say-so.


It's a large (i.e. thick) book, which I intend to study thoroughly. But has anyone else read this?

or know anything about the Publishers?


Thanks in Advance.



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