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Please Share Your Suggestions for Teacher/Writer Biographies!

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As I have alluded to in my Meditation Practice Discussion I have come to the awareness that I am here to life the life of a teacher and writer. I finally know my purpose!


However, at this moment, I am not interested in the life of a teacher/writer and it is not the life I want. I am not in the right consciousness yet, the right mindset.


One way I could get into that consciousness is to read the words of someone who is living or has lived such a life, the life of a teacher and writer.


It is important that both were the primary focus of their lives, as it must become the primary focus of mine.


At this time in my life I can't say for sure what life I am living. Spiritual seeker perhaps, although there isn't a lot of seeking going on. Perpetual student? Meditator? Artist?


Whatever the case may be, teaching and writing are not the focus of my life. I teach and write, but I am not yet living the life of a teacher and writer.


A biography or autobiography is one way to get me into the consciousness of someone who has lived or is living a life of a teacher and writer. It is what I can do right now, at this time in my life, at this moment.


Force is not the solution, neither is resistance, and I probably have tried both. Up to this moment, I am not living a life I desire to have. Developing this consciousness will bring me there, eventually.


So please list any an all books you can think of, that either are autobiographies or biographies, or are about the teacher/writer's own experiences in becoming and then living the life of a teacher and writer.


I am especially interested in books with a spiritual or zen focus. I am really drawn to teachings like the Art of War or The Book of Five Rings (graphic novel version.)


I would prefer something written by the author themselves. The only book that fits much of this that I can think of is, "In my Own Words" by Alan Watts, but I don't consider him to really be a teacher and writer, and he didn't either. Wayne Dyer's, "I Can See Clearly Now" is maybe another.


I appreciate your help with this. The list could be compiled and shared as a sticky topic later for others to refer to as desired. I will dig around Google and see what I can find.


But I am sure someone here has read a book about the life or process of living the life of a teacher and writer, something influential in some way. If you have a title in mind, please share it.


Thank you.

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I have no idea who this person is, but this appears to fit the bill, more or less :) :

"On the edge of evening;: The autobiography of a teacher and writer who holds to the old ways, Hardcover – 1946 " - by Cornelius Weygandt


There is a biography of Cornelius Weygandt here:

This guy seems to have been highly dedicated to both teaching and writing anyway... ;)

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For me the teacher/writer is the person whose metier is the written word.  The student, therefore, is best served by reading the person's books rather than meeting them in the flesh.  It might also refer to someone who is very gifted at explaining the spiritual life, but their actual daily life is not the best living example.


So who fits this desrciption in my opinion?


J. Krishnamurti

Alan Watts

Joseph Campbell

Aldous Huxley

Wei Wu Wei

Paul Brunton

Wayne Dyer

Deepak Chopra

Carl G. Jung

Leo Tolstoy

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hermann Hesse


Most of the grestest spiritual teachers have only incidentally written books, or had books made of their own words e.g Ramana Maharsi.


Then we have those who are great teachers and writers e.g. Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti and one of own niche favourites: Nirmala.

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Two of my favorite modern writers who've written biographies are Stephen King On Writing 

Amy Tan The Opposite of Fate


both easy reads with good instruction on writing.  King had been a school teacher. 

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