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Quoting great teachers....

Recommended Posts often misuse. Usually there is this conversation with a teacher putted into a book or you find it in the internet, then it is taken as his/her ultimate teaching. THen the assumptions are made, using this quote are more usefull than another.


But actually almost noone notice, that particullar words were said to particullar person, and cause of that they often depands of someones evolution, so one person will receive this, other wil receive oher teaching, that is required on such and such level of absorption.

So you can hear that Ramana Maharishi said that there is nothing to be done, you are already yourself, and people take it as a statement and they refuse to practice...

Then You hear that he also has said that this practice is better than that, and assumptions follow.

It really isn't good practice to follow books etc. Education is okay, nothing wrong in it, but negleckting meeting real people, or visiting real sangha cause of "Great X said..." and istead of that following some scriptures cause you think that this is it its just wasting your time. You might even have some experiences and live with them until the end of your life being almost sure that it was this great IT, and actually being far far away, further than you can imagine, reading great books.

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