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Daoist talismans in Taiwan

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Greetings From Taiwan,

My wife and I are currently working on a book that will discuss Daoist training manuals from the Qing dynasty and Republican period in China. She and I have been slowly plugging away on it and in the meantime Gene Ching, the editor of Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine, is running sections of the book as articles both in the print version of the magazine and (for free!) in the e-zine.


The first one we did talked about Daoist talismans. Here in Taiwan the most commonly visible aspect of Daoism is these talismans. Every taxi cab has them dangling from the rear view mirror and a fair number of toddlers have them dangling from their necks (to keep jealous gods from grabbing the kid)


The ezine article is at:


I thought the piece might be of some interest or amusement.

Take care,


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