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wind element

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winding down my time at eku/richmond,,what a sweet stay it has been--pure pleasure--

but a line in a hexagram is moving or sth and a change is underway


i have over analyzed a few scenarios/options, when i first arrived at eku, i figured, get my BA

(bad ass degree) and go to ukraine and teach english and go to willy wonka's candy factory.

or romania, teaching gypsies and vampires how to say 'howdy ya'll' seemed a worthy service.

but plans fall thru, there is news of a heavy tank battle going on between russian separatists and ukraine forces as i type this. i thought maybe of cambodia>>the kingdom of wonder and the wild wild west of asia, i have heard,,,,,,

there was the opportunity to go get a PhD in mythology, still there actually, and i like the idea of a mythic doctorate,,all is fiction excepting poetry and myth,,,but i digress

there was hawaii, take lessons in person with matsuo while learning acupuncture and anywhere i have ever been it has been easy to find a roommate,,when i tried to find a roommate for hawaii, no takers, i was a lil surprised, and i have heard of cheap hostels and maybe i could go it alone......

then, i had calplan, which i really liked but that drought going on and all makes it unlikely. there is oregon, perhaps. and my ol' florida pals are saying cmon down and i would like to have lunch with marblehead along my way to the Dali museum, j and scott down there somewhere,,


living a beatnik vagabond back packing lifestyle is appealing and i would love to tour the black sea, vama veche, constantin, where Ovid lived,,,odessa out of the question now the warships close by not too aesthetic imo.


returning to somerset is an option, but it is the first town in kentucky to employ a police drone,

i do own a cottage east in the hills on a nice creek,,,

i have been accepted into a grad school for creative writing, but it is online, i can roam as i will, need internet connect 

wondering what to do,,it's not like i am all bouncing ready to roll out somewhere, ima gonna miss the tavern i can hang out in all night and end up with an 8$ tab,,,,,

when i first came onto this forum, the first song i posted was ride the river off "the road to escondido" album


i think i will have to consult the I Ching bout this

more later




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yesterday i walked to the post office from campus to send off 3 documents to the grad school that accepted me,,,,a heavy rain set in and i dashed across to the pub and found it closed on mondays! 

trying to walk strategically using buildings to shield me from the rain,,partial success but i was getting soaked and a dude i never seen before and most likely never will again was approaching from the opposite direct, he had an umbrella, and he musta noticed me trying to stay close to the buildings as he took the outside lane---but then, as we met up, he said "sir, would you like an umbrella?" he still had the black one up he was using but how did i not see him carrying a bright red one that he was now offering? i said thank you and he said you're welcome..  :)


well i reckon wherever i wind up after winding down here, i will find that same level of courtesy i'm accustomed to, wherever i roam, where strangers are handy with an umbrella in that spate of the moment, 


today however the more i dealt with the admin of the i will keep it unnamed university,,it doesnt feel right. it's a shame becoz the degree is a cool one..i think i can do better, i need to take my time considering this next change,,,


i also estimate that each year i have been here at eku i have added 3 years to my life, so, 3 years here and estimated added 9 years to my longevity plan. how did i determine this? subjectively for sure, intuitively, delusionally optimistic perhaps, but  better than depressive realism any day. and several of my peers have dropped off like 'departed' since my arrival here. 2 within the past 5 days in fact, one a neighbor to my cottage , another from somerset. like 5 from somerset in the the past year. all but one had fewer years than i have accumulated. 

i reckon if i must, i could tolerate one more semester here,,hang out till new years, maybe get a little writing done. add a lil more to the longevity, may as well keep shopping for the perfect grad school or next friendly adventure.

interestingly enuff, last night scott called me out of the blue,,not sure if someone tipped him of this thread?

anyways at first he told me to cmon down to florida,,and i have been getting more encouragement to do that,,,the offer of cocktails on clearwater beach sharing a sunset would be aesthetic. not with scott, ok, back to scott's call, then he said i should keep the cottage as my summer home and in any event he would be up here late september/october (good time to be here really) and he had some things to go over with me.

so, i wont be saying our farewells just yet to my favorite campus trees the birds and squirrels that live in them, campus feral cats that watch me circle walk in the wee hours. i can still visit the tavern where i shoot a few darts and drink for pennies on the dollar. here in the town where ebullience effervesces,,you wouldnt think buoyancy floats upon the currents of the wind, would you? just treading wind here. i learned two really awesome things this week, i shoulda wrote them down, 


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a storm threatened and there was red tape to deal with i learned awhile back that difficult challenges are shining opportunities

yet i was accepted to 2 of 3 grad schools i applied to,,,will be applying to more and starting up a bizness too

in the meanwhile here at eku i am working on my prose and am on the staff for the literary magazine Aurora

here at eku i have come down with a case of eudaimonia

the doc tells me it is benign but i need to stay here and continue to rest up another semester before undertaking future exploratory adventures... taiji tim and bagua bro scott will be visiting soon--- association is key


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