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Contacting the Creature in the Cave: new consciousness research

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Very interesting. Thanks.


As an anthropologist I was trained to think that the unconscious worked that way. That is was apparent from the study of human cultures, specially symbolism. It was predicted that this temporary approach, a mere constatation and methodology, will be one day proved by hard sciences.


Note that it is more or less compatible with Jung's theories of the unconsciouss. While I'm sometimes skeptical with the applications of the said theories, and with the fact that some wiseasses read that like the Bible... The theories in themselves are more than worthy. Not everything is good, but... that's how science works, you try, and you let other criticize you to improve your model.


Sadly most people take Freud (or the small bits of his theories they've been fed with by mainstream culture) as granted, like it is the "scientific truth".  So they will spend their lives trying to resolve personal psychosexual issues, while the true psyche and the true source of "sexual power" lies way deeper.


The unconscious is not a pool where you store repressed data that will influence you against your will, untill the day you resolve your issues by talking about your parents. It is the ocean where the fish of counscioussness swims. The more you practice, the deeper you can swim.

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