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outdoors. just get outdoors. it is widely accepted that there is a direct correlation:

the more time you spend outdoors, the healthier you are.

i like trekking off into the forest, i happen to have a forest with hills, caves, rivers 

easily accessible. i like walking around campus too.

if i lived in a city, i imagine that i would spend time outdoors at parks or campuses,

and get out to natural settings when i could. 

it is a big playground out there, get out and enjoy it.

it is good for your physical ,mental, spiritual health. i know this sub-forum has emphasis on physical health over spiritual. but they compliment each other.


two activities i am participating in this summer. dancing and swimming.

and then the regular stuff i do.hiking, bagua, qigong, meditation. etc

and probably a return to iron palm. i have had abt 18 month break on that. 

after 4 1/2 years of daily playing iron palm.


i find this article interesting that it says even looking at photos of outdoors is of benefit.


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well said. i feel you soak up much more vitality and calmness in the natural environment than being indoors regardless of how healthy your diet, supplementation is etc.


i use this 'earthing' sleeping sheet that connects you to the earth electrically, as if you're sleeping outdoors and it's effects are pretty significant. so it's a two-way street between us and this rock we're inhabiting, we're wired up to be outdoors and deviating from that turns off many of our natural regulating systems.

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