How Does The Body's Detox System Work ? (TCM)

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Hey Guys,


Please tell me what is missing or wrong in this.


My understanding from SFQ is that the bladder and stomach meridians act as the "garbage collector" meridians:


* The bladder meridian collects the garbage from the back side of the body

* The stomach meridian collects the garbage from the front


These two meridians both start from the face and dump the garbage in the toes.


What's confusing is that I also heard that 30% of the toxins in the body come out from the breathing system (lung / Large Intestine Meridian) and that 70% of the toxins come out from the liver.


So I'm trying to understand how these two meridians "connect" to the liver or lungs, or what the role is of each. Is one western understanding and the other eastern ? That would solve this :)


Because It seems like double function to me right now, since 100% of the toxins are supposedly purged by sweating / defecation (30%) and the rest via the liver (70%).


Thanks guys,





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