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Here is my I am so blessed post...hahahaha

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Do you get those "I am so blessed posts" on your FB page??  Hahahahaha...people talking about how blessed they are because all the nice things are happening to them...yes, to them ONLY??? 
Here is my "I am so blessed post."  Hahahahahaha....a bit different.
About 5 months ago, I had 2 dream visions, back to back.  In my first dream vision, I saw a nurse directing me or trying to get my attentions while I was driving and my father was with me.  On the next night, I saw another nurse.  This time, she was in my parent's living room.  She wanted me to baby sit her 2 kids and to call her for help.  And she was apparently my next door neighborhood.  She was a black nurse.  In reality, no, I have no neighbors like that. 
What happened was that few days after my first vision, my father was diagnosed with a mild stage of prostate cancer.  He got his biopsy report.  When I heard the news, it hit me and suddenly I realized what I must do.  I didn't panic but I knew it has to happen.  The dream vision was not horrifying but with a very neutral sentiment.  For the first 3 weeks, I accompanied my father for his radiology appointments.  I enjoyed the experience because I felt I was being a good son.  Knowing that I was being guided and watched by angels, I just reacted as events unfolded.  After 9 weeks of treatment, he is ok now.  So far so good except that he experienced a bit of mild side effects from the treatment.  He has insurance and his medical expenses were fully covered.


Then, about 2 months ago, my mother was diagnosed with a sudden congestive heart failure.  Pretty much a beginning of a heart attack.  She was away at my sister's house babysitting her grand daughter.  The first thing I asked myself was that should I have known about it????  I always praised myself for knowing the future dealing with geopolitical events around the world.  Sometimes, I get signs about my own future although it may not be accurate.  I looked into my second nurse dream but it was difficult to connect since she made no reference to my mother.  She was in my parent's living room and my mother has been being nursed back to a stable condition in the living room (the first 7 days she had to sleep on the couch because she was still having too much fluid in her lungs).  Anyway, my sister drove her back to the city and saw her local cardiologists.  She was prescribed with several heart and blood pressure medications.  I was very nervous the first few days because her condition didn't get stabilized until a week later.  And her health insurance wasn't in order for some reasons.


I got several visions about her conditions but none of them were threatening.  Few of them seems to indicate a very favorable outcome.  I saw some numbers dealing with either 88 or 86.  Apparently, the house number of the local cardiologist is 833.  :)  The cost of the doctor' visits was still affordable and the medications aren't expensive.  I just put my trust in my karma and my mother's, as well knowing that I am being watched over by my spirit guides and higher beings.  I don't think they would want me to suffer emotionally because something happens to my parents.  

It has been 2 months since her first diagnose and she is doing fine.  She is checking her blood pressure daily.  In fact, her blood pressure is too low now and I have to tell her to cut down her medication dosages a bit.  I did a lot of online researches on blood pressure medications and their side effects.  I think I came up with a miracle find.  I am having her to take co-enzyme  10 (coq10).  It is supposed to strengthen her heart muscle.  


I guess I am blessed because the people I care about aren't suffering because I failed to do my parts.  It would be a bitch if you think you are blessed but people you should care the most are suffering and dying..... :)  I guess I am blessed because the local cardiologists didn't charge us an arm and a leg for the treatment cost.


BTW, my sister lived too far away and always busy with her life.  I was the one who have been with my parents and helping them to deal with their conditions and doctor's appointments...



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