Better to be born male or female?

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I know you're probably implying that I should have accepted being male and all the socio-cultural baggage that goes with that.


I see it differently, I finally accepted that my mind/consciousness/soul is female, my nature is female, and rather than fighting against that, I should live in accordance with that (and all the socio-cultural baggage that goes with that  :P ).


Only I know what it's like inside my own head, and I can assure all and sundry that at each stage of my transition, social, hormonal, legal, professional, etc. I felt better and better, felt more natural, more myself, more aligned. If this is wrong, you'll forgive the cliché, but I don't want to be right.

Nope, my post is for the OP I read your story after And its is very sad hope things get better for you..... You go girl.


The rape part of the story so I am being very clear and I apologize to you. Edit

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Dear Zarastinia,


  Since you wrote this in public, I'll write back in public.


My daughter  Bethany (one of four daughter's that I have) is transgender.


She pretty much hates me these days (any divorce is hard on kids) because she has been fed a lot of B.S., and lies by her Mom.


I don't know at this point if we'll *ever* talk again. Seriously.


I don't care what sex that she is, but I do care that she's hateful, and mean to me.


I so much appreciate your candor and honesty here, so if my daughter and I EVER start talking again, maybe you could help me to understand her better........would you be willing to talk to me about that in a PM?


I Love her very much, but a poisoned mind, is a poisoned mind, and there isn't anything that I can do about that.


But if we ever started talking again, maybe you could help me to understand her better.


I know that that's a lot to ask, and you feel free to say "No" if that's your Heart, but if you'd be willing, maybe there's something that I could learn from you, to help me to maybe communicate in the correct way with her.


You know what I'm saying?  


Anyway, please let me know and feel free to PM me, should you wanna 'talk' in that way, OK?


Thanks a lot!  You have so much courage, there's good 'power' in that!


Be Dao,   Differently Abled Daoist


I'll respond mainly in private, but I'll say this much here, that it would be an immense responsibility to take on a task like that, but I am somewhat uniquely qualified as beyond being trans I'm also a parent who is in an acrimonious divorce process and I'm the co-facilitator of a support group and have experience helping people navigate transition with their families. As such I feel rather compelled to help, though I cannot by any means guaranty efficacy. 

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CUltivation is largely aimed towards males, especially ancient chinese and Tibetan... SOoo its better to be a man duh? more resources at hand. 

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On 5/21/2015 at 2:28 AM, Songtsan said:

So is it more efficaceous to be born male, or female


Hi Songstan,


Neither - man nor woman,

First - a balanced human.

Then you ask man/woman?

I'm man - I respect woman.


- LimA

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