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little bit of chan wei, just for fun

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Here is a very brief snippet of Huang Yuanji's DDJ Chan Wei for fun.

Taken from the second chapter, discussing Laozi's beauty and ugliness idea:



"the inside of good has evil beside it, if something is seen as beautiful, it has vulgarity as its neighbour.  If a situation has beauty in it, it also has ugliness, if it has good in it, vulgarity also is contained within.   This dangerous hou tian yin yang* is set beside its use.  Being victorious floats on observing interogation, and isn't the real xian tian one yuan Qi*."




places which have been marked "*" refer to pre and post heaven ideas that I don't want to create my own interpretation for in translation.   I think it is quite clear what it means, but Huang wrote it this way without explaining, and we have to respect that.  

Basically, the idea here is that thinking about good and bad as being clearly defined is dangerous to the original Qi of the body, because it forces the mind into a post heaven way of looking at things.  Genuine healthy yuan qi should be achieved through quiet observation, rather than systematic thinking about benefit or loss.

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