Typical/Basics Lower Dantian Cultivation Techniques

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(apologies if there's another thread that covers this, but I couldn't find one)

I was just wondering what the basics/typical LDT cultivation consisted of?

Microcosmic Orbit seems pretty universally similar: inhale up governing or conception vessels, inhale down governing or conception vessels (depending on fire or water orbit), but so far I've come across differing descriptions for LDT cultivation.

If people could post what they consider to be the standard basics of LDT cultivation and/or what the following authors say about it, that would be much appreciated.

I'm interested in what the following people have to say:

Ken Cohen

Michael Lomax

Jerry Alan Johnson

Michael Winn

Mantak Chia

Glenn Morris

Chunyi Lin

Bruce Kumar Frantzis

Terry Dunn

Yang Jwing Ming

and anyone else you think is worthy mentioning.

Cheers guys :)

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In Chun Yi's system the LDT is assumed to be part of the energy system of the body, so it is incorporated into the exercises and visuualizations from the start. Cultivation is based on visualizing energy gathering at the LDT, and this is central to several exercises including the SFQ small universe (MCO).


Although given what some suggest about the LDT, it might be that no amount of visualization can do anything other than produce phantasms. However, we can benefit from focussing our intent in the LDT area. It is the storage area of the body--stomach, intestines, etc. Focussing energy here activates this power of the body.


Just as in most martial arts--the power flows from the center.



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One can "know" energy is gathering in the LDT or visualize it or both - at some point you will feel it gathering and then possibly see it as well.

Eventually if you are not dissipating your practice and the gathering and refining of energy you will feel very strong columns of energy building inside the sides of the rib cage, up and down the front and back and in the arms and head.

You may come to feel bristling with energy and feel it out well several feet with a strong sense of a foot or more around the arms and two or three feet from the torso and head. For a time this may feel like several connected fields but very distinct.


This distinction will cease as they fuse - this may happen in a sort of fine but relatively quick release of constriction between these incredible columns of energy.


The LDT will build somewhat but as this is felt so also is a slow build felt in the MDT. In my experience this buildup in the LDT and MDT suddenly but very comfortably distributed upward like a ballon slowly deflating.


A great number of things may take place next depending on the guidance you have and your practice. The head has a great many areas of enfolding and in the previously mentioned processes many things happen as well - what you experience will depend to a great deal upon the general makeup of the vehicle you created for this life and those abilities you have both latent and developed within this life.


Many people do not hold their arms properly during those time when they are specifically gathering energy in the LDT. The arms should pop out from the shoulders and not lie next to your sides - you should be able to fit a golf ball inside your arm pit. The hands do not lay on the LDT but are several inches or more out from it.

This is not a requirement, but if the arms lay at your sides then you are short circuiting the arm channels to the energy of your sides and the amount of energy going to the hand points is decreased considerably.


The tip of your tongue should pretty much always be touching the top front of the palate - as though you just said the word Bite.

As your hands come down the front together in most movements the energy is usually meant to go then into the LDT and not as some suppose down and toward the ground. The actual movement is down to the LDT and then relaxing to a relaxed hands at ones sides position.


When swallowing in a specific downward hand motion one should imagine the energy of that swallow going down the front and into the LDT.


Added note: the practice tips may also depend on your particular Qi Gong style - but most of the ones I gave a fairly universal.

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