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Is it possible to damage meridians/nerves w/ incorrect practice?

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Nothing is permanent and anything can heal.


You might be better off splitting your issues into two separate realms, 1- there is the energetic physical spiritual problem, 2- There is your mind/psyche reaction to it.


Your minds reaction can be worked on and I would recommend doing that first, if you don't want to see a professional learning about how to do self CBT could help, but I think the work of Byron Katie could also be of benefit to neutralise the thoughts which could be keeping the issue in place or making it worse.


If the reaction of the mind/psyche is calmed down enough then sometimes that is enough by itself to facilitate healing, if not then some healers might be able to help. I don't recommend doing self energetic healing as you may just make things worse. I might be able to help you myself but only in a few weeks time.

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Hello carbonbreath,


After reading your post i do not believe that, your problems are permanent damage. Typically the more permanent types of damage come from incorrect physical practices, (such as incorrect yoga postures and such)


If your problem is actually psychic, then it can typically be resolved.


The most important practice I have found for general chakra maintainence is to cultivate awareness of unconditional love, and a feeling of unconditional love in each chakra.


When dealing with Chakras, you may need to consider the parts of your life goverened by the chakras involded.


The throat chakra governs issues concerning self expression, and communication between your heart and mind.


The heart chakra governs issues concerning unconditional love, including self-love and love for others.


When resolving blockages in these chakras you may need to consider bringing an attitude of unconditional love into these areas of your life.


When there is a blockage in the microcosm (your etheric body), the macrocosm (your life) will be affected. You may find it beneficial to work through these blockages by addressing both the microcosmic and macrocosmic aspects.


In addition i have written a complete guide to a series of chakra dowsing, and opening techniques suitable for beginners. You may find these techniques useful for treating your problem.


Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.


Love and Light



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